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About the Library

This library is here to give you accurate information regarding monster drops and equipment information. Eventually we will add futher information about quests, shops, PQ's etc...
The search bar on the left hand side can be used to search for item names. You can hover over equip statistics to see their range.
This is a work in progress, but feel free to give any feedback in the appropriate forum thread here.

Library Updates

Currently working features:
- Equipment
- Use Items
- Search (items only)

23/04/2015: Started on monsters.
22/04/2015: Removed unnecessary equips.
20/04/2015: Removed "\r\n" formatting from descriptions.
19/04/2015: Search box added.
18/04/2015: Use Items added
17/04/2015: Level requirement added next to quest names in item list.
17/04/2015: 'Available from' and 'Drops from' hyperlinks added to item list.
16/04/2015: 'Available from' (quests, shops) added to item list.
16/04/2015: Weapon category icons added.
15/04/2015: Vertical navigation added.
14/04/2015: 'Drops from' added to item list.
14/04/2015: Equipment images added to item list.
14/04/2015: Weapon subcategories added.
14/04/2015: Page functionality added.
13/04/2015: Library Started