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    Hi Royallers,

    New files are required for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup. You can choose between a setup using .wz files or .img files, as some users may experiencing less crashing issues with one over the other.

    New Content - Lionheart Castle Part 3:
    • The Lionheart Castle questline has been extended with the introduction of the Rose Garden!
      • The quest begins at Ifia at the Roof of the Fifth Tower after having completed the quest "Is There Any Hope?" and being level 170 or higher.
      • The Rose Garden is a timed solo quest which can be accessed once per day, so make sure you are prepared before going inside!
      • Some great rewards can be obtained, including some brand new equips:
      • There are also 4 new Monster Cards available to collect!
        [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Cash Shop:
    • The Cash Shop has been updated with some new equips and mount covers!
    • New Hairs & Faces have been added to Big Headward in the Free Market.
    • Von Leon Expedition:
      • A bonus room has been added to the Von Leon expedition. Once Von Leon is defeated, players will have the ability to enter a timed bonus room with 30 boxes, functioning similarly to the Crimsonwood Keep Expedition bonus room. Some items have been shifted from Von Leon's drop table into the bonus map.
      • Von Leon's avoidability has been lowered to reduce the accuracy requirement to 220 at level 200.
      • Von Leon's lightning attack has been reverted to it's original form (shorter range).
      • Von Leon will no longer cast Damage Reflect, and instead will cast Dispel in its place.
    • Horntail Expedition:
      • Horntail's Cave viewing area has been shifted to allow better visibility of the bottom platforms while standing on the top.
    • Von Leon's Boots now have 6 upgrade slots clean as opposed to 5. All existing Von Leon’s Boots have been given an additional slot.
    • Noble Maple Rod's description has been fixed.
    • Autumn Chat Ring has been fixed. Players are now able to see their chat bubble when wearing the ring.
    • Fixed bugged frames for Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Outfit (F).
    • Fixed bugged frames for Heroic Hogul Suit and Heroic Hogul Dress.
    • Fixed bugged frames for Flowery Butterfly.
    • RP items have been fixed so that they are no longer tradable or droppable:
      • A Cap
      • MV Mask
      • Blue Angel Syringe
      • Snow Earrings
      • Froggy Raincoat
      • Autumn Morning Cape
      • Autumn Leaves Label Ring
      • Autumn Leaves Chat Ring
      • Red Bear Winter Boots
      • Pink Bear Winter Boots
      • Cherry Blossom Umbrella
      • Rhythm Notes
      • Homeless Cat Cape
    • Non-RP items have been fixed so that they are tradable.
      • Branded Coat
      • Commander Von Leon Mask
      • Alliance Commander Cape
      • Aster's Bon Bon Ribbon
      • Simple Swimsuit
      • Falling Leaves
      • Pink Allstar
    • Cash items have been fixed so that they can be stored in the cash shop inventory.
      • DJ JM Chat Ring
      • Heroes Transcendence Stone Chat Ring
      • Aqua Jeans
      • Worn Ghost Suit
      • Paper Box
      • Commander Orchid Mask
      • Commander Magnus Mask
      • Commander Lucid Mask
    • New scrolls have been added which can be used on Von Leon's belt. The scrolls can be obtained from Luden in exchange for a Von Leon's Parchment and a regular 60% Belt Scroll of the corresponding type:
      • [​IMG] Von Leon's Scroll for STR (60%, STR +1, W.Def +20).
      • [​IMG] Von Leon's Scroll for DEX (60%, DEX +1, Accuracy +2).
      • [​IMG] Von Leon's Scroll for INT (60%, INT +1, M.Def +20).
      • [​IMG] Von Leon's Scroll for LUK (60%, LUK +1, Avoid +2).
    • Fixed the smile emote for Lazy Look face.
    • Fixed the smile emote for Gentle Elf Face.
    • Antici...pation Face (White, Male and Female) blink and default face have been fixed.
    • Red pudding has been fixed. It is now consumable by the correct 'Red Dragon' pet.
    • Players can now change channels in the maps before the Castellan Toad fight. These include Boudoir 1, Boudoir 2, and the Corridor after the jump quest.
    • Speed and skill restrictions have been removed from Omega Sector: Tunnel and Omega Sector: Command Center.
    • A long standing bug has been fixed where a priest or bishop added to a party in the sixth position would cause characters to be portal locked and unable to be warped into boss fights due to Mystic Door. The following towns required fixing:
      • Floating Market
      • Lushan Town
      • Mahavira Hall
      • Lith Harbor
    • Nest Golem spawns in Dangerous Dragon Nest and Peak of the Big Nest have been fixed and will now drop items from their drop table including monster cards.
    • Fixed background issues in Orbis Tower<B1>.
    • Fixed miscellaneous map issues in the following areas:
      • Haunted House
      • Ulu City
      • Malaysia
      • Boat Quay Town
      • Leafre Canyon
      • Temple of Time
      • Nautilus
    • Added a whole bunch of new quests into Reuel's Elixir of Life quest rotation!
      • Note: This required existing quest data to be wiped, so you may need to re-accept the quest if you already had one in-progress.
    • Removed the delay of looting items after interacting with an NPC.

    Happy Mapling!

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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    We have adjusted Ifias Earrings‘ droprate to better suit this solo content and have them keep their value.
    We are happy to see many of you enjoy this new content.

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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