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    Hi Royallers,

    New files are required for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup. You can choose between a setup using .wz files or .img files, as some users may experiencing less crashing issues with one over the other.


    Cash Shop:

    • The Cash Shop has been updated with some new seasonal items!
    • New Hairs & Faces have been added to Big Headward in the Free Market.
    • New, limited time Avatar Megaphones have been added to the Cash Shop.


    • Von Leon Expedition:
      • Mini Golems summoned by Von Leon will now heal him for more HP when he uses the absorption skill.
      • Von Leon's lightning attack now has a wider attack range.
      • Von Leon's laser eye attack now also applies prone-seduce.
      • Von Leon's vulture attack now stuns for 2 seconds instead of 1.
      • Von Leon's Demon Gargoyle summon skill's cooldown has been increased from 90s to 120s.
      • Von Leon's Demon Gargoyle summon skill will now summon 3 Demon Gargoyles instead of 4.
      • Von Leon's Demon Gargoyle summons have been reworked.
        • Their HP has been increased from 8m to 40m.
        • Their Hardskin skill has been removed.
        • The range of their attacks has been increased to be able to hit ranged attackers.
        • Their attacks now can stun, cause seal or slow.
        • They can no longer dispel or cause weakness.
      • Von Leon now drops exactly six of Von Leon's Belt, Medallion, and Parchment each.


    • Hero's Will cooldown now decreases as the skill level increases from level 6 and above. The cooldown is 180 seconds at level 10.


    • Fixed broken frames when using gun skills with Dark Furrytail Cat's Paw.
    • Fixed broken frames when using gun skills with Baby Paci.
    • Fixed bugged frames for the sleeves of Heroic Hogul Dress.
    • Fixed bugged frames for the sleeves of Heroic Hogul Suit.
    • Fixed misaligned chat balloon for Bunny Blossom Chat Ring.
    • Added effect for the Demon Bag cape.
    • Reduced the level requirement for Von Leon's Boot from 180 to 140.


    • Fixed the missing label ring effect for Yeti Robot.
    • Fixed ladder and rope frames for Youthful Romantic Hair when wearing certain hats.
    • Fixed the smile emote for Tender Love face.
    • Fixed the ouch emote for Handsome Otherworld face.
    • Fixed the blink animation for Aloof face.
    • Purification Totem, Burning Energy, and Von Leon's Belt can no longer be sold to NPCs.
    • Burning Energy can now be held in stacks of 1000.
    • Von Leon's Boots, Von Leon's Sippable Soul Substance, Hero's Will 10 as well as Royal Throwing-Knives, Royal Quiver, Royal Bullet and their forging manuals are now searchable via The Owl of Minerva.
    • Royal Projectiles now require 250 Purification Totems to craft (previously 500) and require one of Von Leon's Medallion.
    • Royal Projectiles can now be recharged at any town (item description to be updated to reflect this change in a future patch).

    • Players can no longer enter the cash shop in Extra Frosty Snow Zone.
    • Removed the speed and jump buff in Hidden Street: Free Market <1>.
    • Fixed the Extra Frosty Challenge. Previously players had the ability to skip a portion of the jump quest by strategically falling.


    • Von Leon's drop table is now available in the Monster Book.

    Happy Mapling!

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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