Update Update #79 12/05/2022

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    Hi Royallers,
    New files are required for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup. You can choose between a setup using .wz files or .img files, as some users may experiencing less crashing issues with one over the other.

    • Anniversary Event:
      • 9th Anniversary Events have started, click here to learn more.
      • Enjoy +25% Bonus EXP/Drop/Mesos during the Anniversary Event period every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Bonus also applies to party EXP within Lionheart Castle.
        Note: Due to some additions to the coin shop this year and further balancing regarding coin availability, we have made the decision to replace tradeable candle drops with untradeable anniversary coin drops. This has been done to reserve the coin shop rewards for characters directly participating in the event, rather than allowing characters to purchase the currency with Mesos.

    Cash Shop:
    • The Cash Shop has been updated with a bunch of new items, including discounted item packages for the new outfit sets!
    • Tons of new Hairs & Faces have been added to Big Headward in the Free Market.

    Party Quest:
    • Mu Lung Dojo:
      • Fixed a bug when using invincibility or protective shield buffs in succession for a period of time could cause a player to disconnect.
      • Fixed a bug where the Protective Shield buff would last for more than 3 hits.
    • Carnival Party Quest:
      • Equips purchased with Maple Coins (except for the Spiegelmann's Necklace) now have the chance to have the godly system applied to their stats.

    • Bearwolf in Lionheart Castle is now weak to Fire attribute attacks.
    • Reduced the hitbox of Nibergen during its bullet attack.
    • Increased the hitbox of Auf Haven during its knockback animation.
    • Many improvements made to the hitboxes and animation frames of all Lushan Town mobs, including Wulin Yaoseng and his clones.
    • Auf Haven no longer drops Assassinate 30, Mesos or Mana Elixirs
      • Note: Assassinate 30 is once again exclusive to Guild PQ bonus.
    • Zakum no longer drops Mesos or Mana Elixirs.
    • Increased the amount of Summon Rock and Magic Rocks dropped from bosses.

    • Added a loot notification for Dragon Khanjar for Nibergen in Neo Tokyo.
    • Enabled Jump Down in the following maps:
      • Helios Tower - Time Control Room
      • Zipangu - 2102: Tokyo Skies
    • Adjusted the view range and map boundaries of Zipangu - Kamuna

    • Krexel's Monster Card buff will now correctly work within Ulu City maps.
    • Lil Damien Pet can now correctly consume the Diamond Candy cash shop food.
    • Fixed the position of f3 and f6 emotes for Forgotten Hero's Face style.

    • Added a confirmation prompt when expanding Royal Salon inventory slots at Big Headward.
    • Added a confirmation prompt when selecting a Token of Teamwork exchange reward at Cody.
    • Fixed an issue causing the female Count Dracula Hair not able to be selected within Big Headward's hairstyles. This can now be found within the newest hairstyle list.
    • Lowered the cost of using the Music Box in the Lounge to 1 million Mesos.
    • Fixed issues where the Mystic Scroll in the Lounge would show some incorrect boss run values.

    • Fixed a bug which caused a 'Please try again' message to appear when clicking on names within the Buddy List.
    • Clicking on names within the Buddy List now correctly shows if the character is on a different channel, within the Cash Shop, or what map they're in, rather than showing your character's own location.
    • Fixed the clickable area for the Macro UI window so that it no longer responds to clicks made outside of the right edge of the UI window.

    • Fixed a bug which caused players to sometimes disconnect when changing channels or entering the Cash Shop.
    • Fixed a bug which caused players to disconnect during Zakum if remaining invincible within smokescreen for over 3 minutes.
    • Fixed a bug which caused characters to send a 'user has logged in' alert to buddies after exiting the Cash Shop.
    • Added a cooldown for receiving text alerts for the following messages:
      • "You are lacking the HP Potion that your pet is supposed to use."
      • "You are lacking the MP Potion that your pet is supposed to use."
      • "You may not use the skill yet."
      • "You don't have enough MP to use this skill."

    Happy Mapling,

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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    A new setup has been added to the downloads page. This setup will fix the disconnecting issue occurring at Showa Street Market.

    We highly recommend everyone to download this new setup to avoid experiencing any issues.
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