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    Hi Royallers,

    New files are required for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup. You may download and install using the mini-patcher setup if you already have Update 73.2 installed.

    This patch constitutes part 2 of the summer releases which we have been very hard at work on. This update includes several skill changes, and we encourage you to read the Developer Notes for our reasoning for each change.

    • Part 2 of the Summer Events have started! Click here to find out more!
    • Chair Gachapon has been extended for 24 hours, however the daily quest is no longer available.
    • Ancient Artifact Hunt Top 100 winners have been sent their rewards via NPC Duey.
    • Ancient Artifact Hunt Top 5 winners can receive their medal and rewards at NPC Dalair.
    • The stats of Arrows for Bowmen and Crossbowmen have been adjusted.
      This change may be slightly unorthodox, but it has sprung from the desire to give active bowmen what we consider a much needed buff. When reviewing the performance of these classes, we noted that their role as glass cannon DPS is overshadowed by some competition, and much of their unique abilities are accomplished by mules. Additionally, the market for Arrows has been largely one-dimensional, and we were eager to spruce it up a bit by introducing a steady progression.
      • Arrow for Bow & Crossbow: Increased attack from 0 to +1, and added a level requirement of 10.
      • Bronze Arrow for Bow & Crossbow: Increased attack from +1 to +3, and added a level requirement of 30.
      • Steel Arrow for Bow & Crossbow: Increased attack from +2 to +6, and added a level requirement of 70.
      • Red Arrow for Bow, Blue Arrow for Crossbow, Diamond Arrow for Bow & Crossbow: Increased attack from +4 to +10, added a level requirement of 120, and increased cost from 40 mesos per arrow to 100 mesos per arrow.
    • Changed Top Floor of Roppongi Mall: Whilst airborne in this map, Bowmen can now use all attack skills, and Corsairs can use Rapid Fire.
    • Added Spinel to El Nath.
    • Increased the droprate of Toad's Headband from Castellan Toad to 100%.
    • Decreased the EXP rewards from Castellan Emperor and Castellan Toad by 30%.
      With the increased droprate of the Headband, and the trend of high-level leeching at this boss which lacks particularly interesting mechanics besides requiring the player to HP wash, we have decided that a fair trade off was to reduce its EXP rewards slightly.
    • Murt's Exchange in Lionheart Castle:
      • Increased the chance to get jackpot items.
      • Receiving a jackpot item will broadcast a world message.
    • Abel in Nautilus Harbor will now properly display his animation when you give him his glasses.
    • Introduced new functionality for Quests.
      • Quests can now keep track of how many monsters you have slain in total (that are above your level).
      • Quests can now keep track of how long you have been online for.
    When faced with this task of making changes to the skillsets of classes in the game, we did our utmost to tread the fine line between "quality of life" changes, and altering the feel and identity of recognisable old-school classes. The option to leave the tried and true path of delivering "nostalgic gameplay" is there, and has been exercised in the past - the effects of which have been famously difficult to revert. As such, we have chosen to tread carefully, and incorporate changes according to this ideology.
    • Warrior
      • Changed Final Attack from a passive skill to an active skill.
        Final Attack was a skill which unconditionally added extra hits after using skills like Power Strike and Slash Blast. These hits are faster and stronger in the case of Power Strike, making the skill a worthy pick if the player wishes to improve their DPM. When used with Slash Blast, however, the extra damage is spread among the target monsters, lowering overall DPM. The latter has led most players to not assign any Skill Points to the skill at all. With this change, we hope to mend this problem at least partially, by allowing the user to decide when to use the skill.
      • Changed Threaten to reduce the target monsters’ Weapon Attack and Weapon Defense by 20% instead of a static 20.
        This skill saw virtually no use in the past, but with this new change, its effect on very powerful monsters is noticeable. We have reduced the duration of the debuff significantly, as a way to promote active use of the skill. Do note that the effect only applies to monsters’ Physical Attacks, and not their Magic Attacks.
      • Increased the range of Crusader’s Armor Crash to be on par with Dragon Knight’s Power Crash.
        There was no reason that this skill should have a shorter range than its counterpart.
      • Increased the range of Crusader’s Shout.
        This skill already had a niche use-case as a way to crowd-control at most 6 monsters, and only with a 95% success rate. Its range has been increased by 50% horizontally, and 100% vertically. This change grants the crusader a little more flexibility in how they use the skill to set up an engagement.
      • Increased the damage of Crusader’s Panic from 350% to 400%.
        This skill saw little use as it disrupted Combo Attack, and although the skill continues to be rather useless later into the 4th Job, we have given it a little boost for our 3rd Job brethren.
      • Changed Crusader’s Combo Attack to be unaffected by Dispel.
        This skill, like Energy Charge for Marauders, is special in that it requires a considerable amount of preparation to reach full potential. Unlike Energy Charge, however, this skill was previously affected by Dispel, which caused major disruption for Crusaders, and the effect of which was compounded for Heroes with Advance Combo Attack. Similar to how Buccaneer’s Super Transformation and Marauder’s Energy Charge and Transformation are impervious to the effects of Dispel, Crusader’s Combo Attack now enjoys the same privilege.
      • Increased the proc rate of Hero’s and Paladin’s Guardian skill from 15% to 25% at max level.
        This skill has been buffed to incentivise investing in the one-handed weapon and shield combination. Warriors are known to consume potions at relatively high rates, and we wanted to build upon the idea that a warrior who brings a shield into battle is sturdier than one who only wields a weapon. With its knockback effect, the skill doesn’t always do what one might want it to, and it must be used with care, so as not to sabotage or cause harm to other nearby players!
    • Magician
      • Changed Priest’s Doom skill to not consume Magic Rocks on use.
        The unique effect of this skill was seldom spotted on the battlefield, as the drawbacks were experienced as too great. In an attempt to encourage Priests and Bishops to make greater use of this skill, wherever they see fit, we have removed its consumption of Magic Rocks.
      • Changed the Big Bang skill for all 4th Job magicians to be usable whilst jumping, moving and taking damage.
        This skill saw little use, not least because it is outdone by the skills Genesis, Blizzard and Meteor Shower, but also because it was infamously clunky to use. This skill, which has a charging mechanic, would be cancelled if the user tried to cast it whilst airborne (which included taking damage). This is no longer the case.
    • Bowman
      • Changed Final Attack from a passive skill to an active skill.
      • Changed the description of Power Knock-Back to accurately reflect its effectiveness. (It previously said 40%, when in reality it had a 70% success rate.)
      • Changed Marksman’s Piercing arrow to be usable whilst jumping, moving, and taking damage.
        This skill saw less use due to its charging effect, which would be cancelled if the user tried to cast it whilst airborne (which included taking damage). This is no longer the case, which will allow Piercing Arrow to be used in more scenarios.
      • Changed Bowmaster’s Hamstring to work on bosses.
        This change grants active Bowmasters a unique ability to control the pace of the battle. Slowing the boss down can make the difference between life and death in precarious situations.
      • Changed Marksman’s Blind to work on bosses at a reduced rate of 10%.
        This change grants active Marksmen a great utility tool for reducing the Accuracy of all monsters attacked. It helps not only the Marksman itself avoid taking damage more frequently, which helps their damage output, but it also benefits the entire party, and especially party members of other low-avoidability classes such as Corsair and Bowmaster. We have reduced the effectiveness of the skill to 10% when a boss monster is being attacked, which should help ensure that the Marksman has to play very actively to consistently add the debuff to the monster.
      • Increased the HP of Ranger’s and Sniper’s Puppet from 6,000 to 20,000 at max level.
        This is an experimental change intended to give archers some more flexibility in battle, and cement their position as a long range bombardment class. This skill would often not survive for more than a handful of seconds in battle against a strong foe, and we look forward to evaluate its effects!
      • Changed Soul Arrow: Bow and Soul Arrow: Crossbow to work like Night Lord’s Shadow Stars, whereby it consumes 200 arrows, allows the user to fire without consuming arrows for 200 seconds (at max level), and retains the attack bonus from your currently selected arrow.
        This particular change is among the more unorthodox and experimental of this update. It stems from the belief that the old design provided little alternative and trade-off between using Soul Arrow and using the arrows for their damage boost. The archer classes simply consume too many arrows for the latter alternative to be viable in prolonged gameplay.
        With the new design, arrows gain more of a purpose, and archers are granted a much needed attack boost. Arrow management becomes an additional aspect which adds some depth to the gameplay.
        We have chosen to extend the duration of Soul Arrow over that of Shadow Stars, primarily to give Archers a little more flexibility in light of them being unable to recharge their arrows (and having to travel longer distances to restock). The skill increases in usefulness as your character progresses and is able to fire off more arrows per minute.
      • Fixed the long-standing bug that allowed Bowmaster’s Hurricane to continue firing after the user pressed ALT+TAB. Hurricane will now stop shooting when this is attempted.
        It has long been our ambition to promote active gameplay and to ensure that quirks in game design that allow the user to effectively make progress without their active input or presence are phased out. For some time, there were two notable exceptions to this rule, caused by a client bug introduced by the original developer long ago. We have finally fixed this bug, and while it disrupts the method that some Bowmasters and Corsairs were used to, we will move forward with this change as it is in line with our Terms and Conditions and view on Robotic Gameplay.
    • Thief
      • Fixed the long-standing bug that left Chief Bandits and Shadowers on 50% health instead of 1 health after they had been affected by a deadly attack (commonly referred to as “1/1”).
        This bug gave the Chief Bandit and Shadower classes an extreme advantage over all others in boss fights, and has given rise to a HP-washing mule meta. We do not wish to promote either by intentionally keeping this bug around. We understand that this is a controversial change. However, in order to make use of the very limited balancing features and gameplay mechanics this version of the game has to offer, we want Deadly Attacks (“1/1”) to affect all classes the same. It is essential to our ability to design and balance current and future content correctly.
    • Pirate
      • Fixed the long-standing bug that allowed Corsair’s Rapid Fire to continue firing after the user pressed ALT+TAB. Rapid Fire will now stop shooting when this is attempted.
      • Implemented levels 20-30 of Corsair’s Elemental Boost.
        The 3rd Job skills boosted by Elemental Boost saw little use as their damage and viability quickly became obsolete with most Corsairs funneling into the 1v1 role after level 120. However, we hope that by giving these skills some much-needed care, we can encourage Corsairs to take on more of an AoE role as well, should they like it.
        • Skill Description: Increases the potency of Flamethrower and Ice Splitter.
          Level 20: Damage +130%, DoT damage +4%, freeze time +2 sec.
          Level 30: Damage +200%, DoT damage +5%, freeze time +2 sec.
    • Lionheart Castle bonus EXP will now be divided by the number of different parties attacking a monster.
    • Further improvements to the GM alert system.

    Happy Mapling!

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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    There was an emergency Server Check at 05:00 lasting 30 minutes. This downtime was necessary to fix and urgent bug which was causing attack potions not to expire properly.

    During the downtime we also fixed an issue where the Archeologist Hat and Glasses rewarded for the Top 100 Artifact Hunt had missing stats.

    We are still aware of two issues which we are working to fix as soon as possible:
    • Monsters dealing more damage than intended.
    • Page's Final Attack skill missing from skill window.
    Unfortunately, these issues may likely require an additional patch, which we hope we can provide later today.

    Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve these issues.

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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