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    Hi Royallers,

    New files are required to be downloaded for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup.

    The actual patch notes are rather short this time around, due to a large portion of the past weeks’ work being poured into ensuring that the Anniversary Event arrived on time, and the particulars pertaining to the event being left to the players to discover! We have also been working on other things, but we wouldn’t like to rush them just to fit them into this patch. Thus, we hope to have another Update out in the not too distant future, addressing other pertinent issues!

    • The 8th Anniversary event has started, click here to find out more!
      • Note: The Event has had some changes this year, including 8th Anniversary Candles dropping directly from mobs and being tradeable. We made the decision to slightly reduce the droprate if the mobs are killed with Genesis, Blizzard, Meteor, or Dragon Roar skills to help level the hunting rates.
    • Anniversary Bonus +?% Exp/Mesos/Drop Event has started, click here to find out more!
    Cash Shop:
    • New NX and RP items have been added!
    • New RP Hairs and Faces have been added at Big Headward in the Free Market.
    • Fixed the frames of some broken NX items.
    • Swapped icons on Piece of Paper C and Piece of Paper D for Kenta’s Advice.
    • Added a teleport across town in Mushroom Shrine.
    • Changed the rewards from Reuel's “Search for the Elixir of Life” to be randomised. The rates are unchanged from before.
    • Changed the way Reuel’s “Search for the Elixir of Life” quests work.
      Now, they will be infinitely repeatable (no daily cap) until the point where the user has enough base HP to reach at least 9500 base HP by level 175. This means that the quest takes the HP you still have left to gain by the levelling up to 175, and washing out the excess MP you currently have, into account. Concretely, all you have to do is visit Reuel, and accept his quests. When the quests switch over from being limitless to becoming once-per-day, you know that you will have at least 9500 HP by level 175 (or more, depending on your class).
      The quest progress of your current or previous ''Search for the Elixir of Life'' quest has been reset and the type of HP potion you receive has been randomized.

      This change is one step in a series of planned introductions that will make it possible for users to reach this threshold without having to resort to HP washing. Future patches will contain alternative ways to do this, as well.
      If you feel like mages should be included in some way to reach certain HP goals please let us know about the HP goals you have in mind and if they should be achieved in a similar way on the feedback forum.

      When faced with the choice of how to design this quest, we ultimately decided to take a more cautious approach to begin with, which involved the fewest number of loopholes and benefits for odd edge cases. The design released in this patch means that some minimal amount of AP Resetting is still required, since the system is built around making use of your natural excess MP. This was a choice made to avoid people using a loophole in the quests to gain more HP than intended in conjunction with HP Washing. We seek your understanding in this, and wish to highlight that this has been an attempt to, as precisely as possible, deliver what was asked in the Community Feedback thread. It is also worth mentioning that we have chosen different HP thresholds for different classes based on their natural HP at level 175. Thus all classes will be able to gain the same absolute amount of HP from the quests. This choice was made to preserve some of the unique selling points of different classes like their naturally higher HP.

      These are the thresholds for different classes:

      Hero: 17983
      Dark Knight / Paladin: 17658
      Bowmaster / Marksman: 9500
      Night Lord / Shadower: 9500
      Corsair: 9995
      Buccaneer: 14945
      Beginner: 6143
    • Added ability to consume potions whilst mounted.
    • Fixed some NX hairstyles.
    • Aligned the animation of Maple Warrior.
    • Buffed the Bonus Party EXP System from +5% EXP per active party member to +10% EXP.
      Since the initial introduction of a custom Bonus Party EXP system in Update 67, we’ve been able to evaluate the effects it had on the meta, which did not achieve our goals. Given that a common request is for us to increase the viability of grinding, and especially partying up with friends, as a method of progressing through the game we’ve decided to bump up the numbers and see if it helps encourage a more social and co-operative gameplay style. As such, this buff may be subject to change!
      A refresher on how it works:
      You gain extra experience for the monster kills that you make and party member is considered 'active' if they have made a monster kill within the last 30 seconds, bosses are excluded.

      We have also added a RoyalsTip in the game to advertise this feature so please try it out with your friends!

    Happy Mapling!

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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