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    Hi Royallers,

    New files are required to be downloaded for this update, you will not be able to connect to the server without them!
    Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new complete setup or mini patch to upgrade from version 71 to 71.1.

    This patch includes tweaks and fixes to things introduced in Update 71.
    Reverting the effect on avoidability from LUK:
    After processing and discussing the community feedback on this change, both on the forum and in-game, we have decided to revert this change. We appreciate all the feedback that has been given, and many interesting and pertinent points have been made.

    This change, which aimed to introduce balancing factors to the Thief class, in a game where the vast majority of non-mage characters are Night Lords, ultimately caused too much harm and upset to devoted players. Not only did it take away an important aspect of the Thief class, which was its evasive abilities, but we also deemed it unfeasible to conduct a short term evaluation of whether or not it would truly have had the intended effect of diversifying the end game.

    The Staff explores ways to encourage more class diversity in order to enable a more inclusive atmosphere. Henceforth, we will try our best to do so in less intrusive ways, and without sacrificing the unique identity of each class. Furthermore, we will strive to better prepare you, the players, for such changes, by providing our rationale and thought process.

    The Reworked Total Crash:
    Another notable change in Update 71 was the one made to White Knight's Total Crash skill. This change, which turned the skill into a Party Buff, lacked sufficient explanation in preparation for the release.

    This change aimed to target two issues, namely: alleviating the strained Total Crash mule situation, which forced dedicated players to bring not one, but several White Knight mules into battle, and to instead give active Paladins an ability to provide unique support to their party. As it stands, we are satisfied with the direction of this change, but have listened to your feedback, and taken note of the current issues with the skill. In this patch, we attempt to take steps to improve upon those points, to ensure that active Paladins are not overly punished, nor that the skill is less impactful than intended.

    The skill was given a short duration to ensure that an active Paladin who remained close to their peers could not be easily replaced by a stationary mule casting the skill at regular intervals, covering multiple rounds of Weapon and Magic Cancels. It was given a short range for similar reasons.

    In this patch, we made the following changes to Total Crash:

    • Reduced the casting time for smoother integration of the skill in battle.
    • Increased the horizontal range, to make it easier to buff your nearby party members without having to reposition too much.
    • Increased the rate at which buffed players break Weapon and Magic Cancel, from 50% to 75%, to introduce more of an alternative to simply switching to a different part of the Boss's body (notably in Horntail).
    In addition to these changes, we have slightly reduced the frequency of Weapon and Magic Cancels in some popular bosses. This should ensure that Paladins don't feel that they are spending too much of their active time buffing their friends and make the bosses revolt less around their weapon cancel skill.


    • Egg PQ:
      • Egg PQ will now correctly run every 2 hours instead of every hour.
      • Fixed issues where players could not see their teams, minimap, or be able to use the lootable speed boost items.
      • Fixed an issue where players sometimes didn’t get warped out when the PQ ends.
      • Parties will now be automatically disbanded when the PQ ends.
    • Creating Growth Powder quest will now ask for quest drops from Sheep instead of Black Sheep.
    • Fixed an issue where players with green skin tone would crash when entering the 'Rescue Gaga' Jump Quest
    • Fixed a missing frame issue affecting the Oversized Beret equips.
    • Fixed map issues in the 800x600 client:
      • Fixed Ludbrium Terrace Hall and CPQ1 map backgrounds.
      • Fixed Shaolin Temple and Secret Library view ranges.
    • Increased the cooldown and duration of Weapon Cancel for the following bosses by 33%: Zakum, Horntail, Scarlion and Targa.
    • Shadow Shifter
      • Night Lord’s Shadow Shifter has been changed back to 20% when maxed like it was prior to update 71.
      • Shadower’s Shadow Shifter has been changed back to 30% when maxed like it was prior to update 71.
    • Total Crash:
      • Increased the horizontal range slightly.
      • Increased the chance of breaking through weapon and magic cancels from 50% to 75%.
      • Reduced the casting time when using the skill.
      • Buff can now be cancelled by right clicking the buff icon on your buff bar.
    • Armor Crash:
      • Reduced the casting time when using the skill.
    • Power Crash:
      • Reduced the casting time when using the skill.
    • Battleship:
      • Fixed an issue where players would appear sitting after dismounting the battleship.
    • Fixed an issue where Reuel's Elixir of Life quests did not work properly.
    Party Quest:
    • Ludibrium PQ will correctly reward 3 Tokens of Teamwork instead of 2.
    • Pet Merchants now stock Pet Command guides for the newest Pets.
    • Reverted the effect that the LUK stat has on Avoidability to its original state prior to update 71.
    • You can now purchase the maximum capacity at once for bundles that stack over 1000 in one item slot; for example 2000 arrows.

    Happy Mapling!

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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