Update Update #68 20/10/2020

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    Hi Royallers,

    New files are required to be downloaded for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup.



    • Henesys, Leafre, the Free Market and popular GM Event maps have received a seasonal makeover!
    • Added NPC Paul to GM Event maps.
    • Studio maps are now available for access via the Lounge’s hidden tree portal.
    • Fixed visual errors in Krakian Jungle maps.
    • Fixed broken footholds in Temple Plaza.
    • Fixed broken ropes in Leafre’s Dragon Canyon maps.
    • Removed ability to use skills in OX Quiz map.
    • You can play your favourite MapleStory BGM by paying a small fee to the Music Box in the Lounge.
    • Marksman’s Snipe will now hit through Weapon Cancel.
      • The skill will now deal full damage whether the boss has Weapon Cancel active or not. Do note that due to client-limitations the displayed damage will still be 1.
    • Dark Knight’s Berserk has been buffed:
      • lv 26: 188% damage to 190%
      • lv 27: 191% damage to 195%
      • lv 28: 194% damage to 200%
      • lv 29: 197% damage to 205%
      • lv 30: 200% damage to 210%
    • Dark Knight’s Achilles will now reduce incoming damage by 20% when maxed, up from 15%.

    • All warrior shields now have 10 slots by default. (All newly acquired Shields as well as old ones.)

    Cash Shop:
    • Various new items added.

    • Increased the Max Level on sequel quests to Romeo & Juliet Party Quest, and Orbis Party Quest.
    • Neo Huroids in Romeo & Juliet Party Quest now correctly drop Yulete’s Report for the Ostracized research quests.

    • Made the character sit in front of Forest of Tranquility: Table Chair.
    • Increased drop rates of Proto Spores, Dark Cornian Tail, Slygie Meat and Typhon Egg.

    • Fiona’s Raven Weapon Upgrade bug fixed. It is now possible to upgrade Raven Claws using Claw Production Stimulators, to apply the Godly System.

    • Bosses’ 1/1 attacks will now correctly drain MP as well.

    • Round Eyed Eyes (Blue) now correctly shows blue eyes when using Glittery Eyes and Wink emotes.

    Happy Mapling!

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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