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    Hi Royallers,

    This update addresses a couple more issues found since the last patch. This is an optional patch, patch files are only required if you are affected by issues mentioned below:
    • Balloon Hunt PQ:
      • Ranger and Sniper's Mortal Blow can now be used properly, so that they no longer miss mobs in Balloon PQ.
    • Maps:
      • Fixed an issue where maps around Haunted House were raised up too high in the 1024x768 client.
    If you are affected by these issues, you can download the new setup from the downloads page on the main website now.

    Other changes in this which don't require new files:

    • Balloon Hunt PQ:
      • Reduced the time of the cake debuff from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
    • Golden Mushroom:
      • Golden Mushroom will now properly spawn on a random channel between 1 and 20.
      • Chaos Scroll and White Scroll drop rate has been slightly increased.
    • 7th Anniversary Medal:
      • Fixed an issue where players who completed the quest were unable to collect the medal reward.

    • Marauder's Transformation and Buccaneer's Super Transformation's buffs can now be overridden by other speed or jump buffs once again, but now will return to the skill's proper buffs after the other buffs expire. For example, having a party member give you a better 'Speed' buff through Haste, and then letting Haste expire would mean that Transformation's Speed buff would still be applied to you, rather than no buff at all. This makes it so other, better buffs are allowed to be used, but once those buffs expire or are dispelled by a monster, you aren't left in a Transformed state without any of Transformation's buffs.

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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