Update Update #66.1 12/07/2020

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    Hi Royallers,

    This update addresses issues found since the patch, as well as fixing a few other bugs. This is a mandatory patch and the newly released setup files are required for players to access the game.

    You can download the new setup from the downloads page on the main website now.

    • Balloon Hunt PQ:
      • Summon sacks can no longer be used.
      • Timer for the PQ has been increased from 5 to 6 minutes.
      • Ranger and Sniper's Mortal Blow can now be used, so that they no longer miss mobs.
      • Matchmaking system has been adjusted to attempt to balance ranged characters.
        • One ranged character will be put on each team, if there is an abundance of ranged characters to do this, then more than one ranged character will be allocated to teams.
        • Ranged characters consist of the following: Archers, Hunter, Ranger, Bowmaster, Crossbowman, Sniper, Marksman, Rogue, Assassin, Hermit, Night Lord, Pirate, Gunslinger, Outlaw and Corsair
        • Ranged characters will also apply to the following, if a claw or gun is equipped: Brawler, Marauder, Buccaneer, Bandit, Chief Bandit and Shadower.
      • Equipment cannot be changed in the pre-match lobby or inside the PQ.
      • Players leaving or disconnecting from inside the PQ will no longer get the 25 Candle reward.
    • Maple Tree:
      • Fixed an issue where you were sometimes not returned back to your original town map.
      • Fixed an issue where you would lose 200 Sunshine when not being allowed in due to multiple clients.
      • Bosses now drop stacks of Sunshine
      • Lushan Town mobs now drop Sunshine
    • Jigsaw Puzzle:
      • Puzzle King Guide correctly shows the Puzzle Piece E item icon instead of Puzzle Piece F.
      • Jigsaw Puzzle pieces are now one-of-a-kind and cannot be looted if you already have one in your inventory.
      • 7th Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle image correctly shows in 800x600 client.
    • Golden Mushroom:
      • Golden Mushroom will now properly spawn on a random channel between 1 and 20, rather than 1 or 2.
    • Random Cake Spawns:
      • The spawn rate of random cakes in mob maps has been slightly reduced.
      • Fixed an issue where cake mobs would sometimes spawn automatically without mobs being killed
      • Cake mobs should no longer spawn on random platforms where mobs don't usually spawn.
      • Cake mobs should now properly spawn in Entrance to the Spooky World, and 2102: Old Fox Flagship
      • Cake mobs on maps with flying mobs will no longer spawn at the bottom of the map.
    • Treasure Island map now gives increased speed and jump.
    • Additional items have been added to Inkie's coin shop.

    • Transformation and Super Transformation's speed buff will no longer gets overridden by other speed buffs, and therefore its Tranformation's speed buff will no longer disappear if dispelled.
    • Skills with cooldowns can now properly be added to Skill Macros.

    • Fixed an issue where players with constantly changing IP addresses, would disconnect to login screen when attempting to login, change channel or enter/exit the cash shop.
    • Town scrolls can now be used from Crimsonwood Keep and Amoria maps.
    • Fixed an issue that caused players not to be able to change equipment or allocate AP in some maps they should be able to.
    • Fixed a crashing issue affecting the Tokyo Skies (Nibergen) map.
    • Fixed an issue where Amazing Collector medal challenge was not showing amount of collected sets.
    • Fixed an issue which caused Lavender Shearling Band to disconnect the player.

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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