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    Hi Royallers,

    New files are required to be downloaded for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup.

    Following the release of Update 65 we received a lot of feedback, as well as a handful of reports on issues that we would like to, in part, address today.

    Client Changes:
    • For monitors using a vertical resolution of 768 pixels, the 1024x768 game client will now open an offset-windowed mode, allowing better visibility of the user interface. However, this is still not ideal, and we will continue to explore better solutions.
    • Fixed a bug where the EXP bar would never show 99.99%.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not use passwords above 12 characters. Passwords up to 100 characters are now properly supported by both the Control Panel and game client.
    • The client’s loading speed on launch has been greatly improved.

    Game Installer:

    • Added an additional setup installer including the original 800x600 client, this still includes all the fixes that came with the higher resolution client, including the fix for graphical issues.
    • Fixed an issue where the installer would trigger a reboot without user confirmation.

    • Easter Event has been extended by 1 week and will now end on the 24th at midnight Server Time.
    • Fixed an issue where Eggy Pop monsters would not spawn.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not obtain the Spaceship Mount.
      • Due to an issue with expire dates all players are required to re-obtain the Spaceship.
    • Corrected description for two of the Scavenger Hunt quests.
    • Fixed an issue where the Easter Basket would instantly expire when obtained.
    • Fixed an issue where the Spring Exp/Drop/Meso Bonus event ended prematurely.
    • A new event reward can now be obtained from Moon Bunny the Salesman:

    • Marksman Boost (Marksman)
      • Increased Weapon Attack from +10 to +15 at max level 30.
    • Elemental Amplification (Ice/Lightning Mage, Fire/Poison Mage)
      • Elemental Amplification now scales from 200% MP at level 1 to 100% MP at level 30.
    • Shadow Stars (Night Lord)
      • Shadow Stars now has a 1 second cooldown.

    Global Drop Changes:

    • Non-Boss Mobs:
      • Drop rates of Wolbi, Mokbi, Kumbi, and Tobi Throwing Stars have been increased.

    Temple of Time:
    • Monsters in Road to Oblivion now have a chance to drop additional equips.

    Neo Tokyo:
    • Auf Haven now drops 2 Auf Haven Circlets.
    • Fixed an additional problem that could render a character stuck when teleporting into the wall while fighting Dunas.
    • Reduced Royal Guard’s Avoidability from 100 to 90.

    Ulu City Changes:
    • Slightly increased monster spawn for Ulu City Center.
    • Increased monster spawn for Destroyed Park I and Destroyed Park II.

    Aqua Road Changes:
    • Goby will now be more aggressive and follow players more closely.

    NPC Shops:
    • Fixed an issue where selling projectiles would give less mesos than the listed price.
    • Projectile Recharging Prices:
      • [​IMG] Ilbi Throwing-Stars: Lowered from 280 mesos to 200 mesos per star.
      • [​IMG] Hwabi Throwing-Stars: Lowered from 280 mesos to 220 mesos per star.
    • [​IMG] Icicle Throwing-Stars: Purchase price increased from 2,000 mesos to 100,000 mesos.
    • [​IMG] Subi Throwing-Stars: Purchase price increased from 500 mesos to 1,000 mesos.

    • Fixed an issue where a rope in The Dragon Canyon could not be properly climbed.
    • Fixed an issue where shops around Mushroom Shrine would be incorrectly layered.
    • Fixed an issue where the well to Neo Tokyo was invisible.
    • Fixed an issue where entering the Ellinia Department Store would place you incorrectly in the map.
    • Fixed an issue where the box in Magic Library would not respawn.
    • Fixed an issue where the ladder was unreachable in Blue Wyvern’s Nest without max speed and jump.
    • Removed old Event NPC’s from Aquarium maps and Korean Folk Town.

    • Fixed an issue where Krexel was giving less EXP than intended.
    • Fixed an issue where Krexel’s elemental weakness was not correct.
    • Fixed an issue where Horntail’s left and right hand messages triggered for the wrong hand.
    • Fixed an issue where Scarlion and Targa had longer Weapon and Magic Cancel than intended.

    • Fixed an issue where Little Darling Beret would disappear during certain animations.

    Cash Shop:
    • Royal Mantle can now be purchased.
    • Big Headward:
      • Male Hairstyles now available: Feathered Bed Head, Aki Hair, Ice King Hair.
      • Female Hairstyles now available: Chic Fluffy Bob Hair, Beach Wavy Bangs Hair, Twisted Topknot Hair.

    • Fixed an issue where the command list when using /help or /? was not properly formatted.
    • Fixed an issue where pet sounds did not work correctly.
    • Horntail broadcasted kill message has been disabled.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not add buddies past 100.

    Known issues
    • Some players may still experience disconnects while bossing, in particular at Horntail - Investigation is on-going.
    • Some players are experiencing issues logging into characters until they reboot their computer - Investigation is on-going.

    Happy Mapling!

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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