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    Jan 1, 2015
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    Hi Royallers!

    This update requires all players to download a new setup. The download link is available on the website's download page now. You will need to use the latest setup to enjoy the latest content and avoid experiencing gameplay issues after the patch.


    New Area:
    • Thailand: Floating Market is now available!
      • Talk to World Tour Guide Spinel to travel to Thailand: Floating Market.
      • 6 new monsters.
      • 9 new maps to explore.
      • 40 new quests to complete.

    Cash Shop:
    • The Cash Shop has been updated with new items!
      (A thread showcasing items will follow shortly)

    Monster Book:

    • New Thailand monsters have been added to Monster Book.
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect Monster Book level would be displayed in the book.
    • Fixed the episode description for Zakum.
    • The drop rate buff from picking up the following monster cards has been reduced:
      • Rodeo Card
      • Yabber Doo Card
      • Froscola Card
      • Jester Scarlion Card
      • Mr. Anchor Card
      • Charmer Card
      • Slimy Card


    • Red Penguin will now correctly understand commands.
    • Colorful Striped Beanie can now be purchased successfully from the Cash Shop.
    • Fixed a text error in the description of Autumn Lantern Weapon.
    • Removed inaccurate text from the description of Clockwork Wings.
    • Fixed an issue where Winter Bunny Hat had an incorrect position while dead.

    • Castellan Toad will now properly be weak to Lightning instead of Ice.
    • EXP for The Boss has been increased from 17.5m to 28.2m (before 3.2x).
    • Avoidability for The Boss has been decreased from 120 to 80.
    • EXP for the Targa phases has been tripled for a new total of 6048000‬ (before 3.2x).
    • EXP for the Scarlion phases has been tripled for a new total of 6048000‬ (before 3.2x).
    • Duration of weapon and magic cancel for Targa and Scarlion has been halved to 15 sec.
    • Frequency of weapon and magic cancel for Targa and Scarlion has been reduced.


    • Fixed an issue where 'Life Alchemy, and the Missing Alchemist' was giving less EXP than intended.
    • Fixed an issue preventing Spiegelmann from creating magician weapons.
    • Fixed an issue where Francois could not create 'Arc Staff'.
    • Fixed an issue where 'A Key of the Magic Box', 'Savoury Cheese', 'Tasty Walnut', 'Griffey Wind' was dropping without having the quest active.
    • Fixed issues where 'A rainbow snail shell that makes wishes come true?!' was rewarding less EXP than intended, and was not transforming the NPC into a snail depending on the quest circumstances.

    • A new beauty assistant, Bobby Buzzcut, has been added to Amherst.

    • A new World Map for China has been added.


    • Fixed an issue where Keroben dialogue could trigger after being warped into Cave Entrance.
    • The setup installer has been improved to make installation easier and reduce compatibility issues.

    Please report any bugs or glitches that occur after this patch at the Bug Report section. In addition, feedback is always welcome in the Feedback section.

    Happy Mapling!

    -- The MapleRoyals Staff
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  2. Karven

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    Jan 1, 2015
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    Hi Royallers!

    Today we will be introducing some bug fixes for content released in the previous update.

    • Fixed an issue causing long and slow response from the game setup installer.
      • Downloading of this setup is optional, it however solves an issue where some new hairstyles had their name missing, and a graphical issue with the V-Chat Ring.
    • Setup now contains the Fullscreen Client, if you are having trouble launching the game please try this one as an alternative.
    • Balloon PQ:
      • Shadow Partner can no longer be used in the Balloon PQ.
      • You can no longer enter with multiple characters from the same connection in the Balloon PQ.
      • You can now only enter Balloon PQ on Channel 1.
      • Fixed an issue where the Balloon PQ was not keeping track of your daily attempts properly, causing you to have less than 6 attempts.
    • Fixed an issue where 6th Anniversary Jigsaw wasn’t being removed when forfeiting the quest.
      • All 6th Anniversary Jigsaw items from inventories of players who had forfeited prior to this update have been removed.
    • Anniversary JQ will now reward 50 candles instead of 25 when you choose candles as your reward.
    • Fixed an issue where higher leveled bosses were not spawning multiple cakes upon their death.

    Party Quest:
    • Mu Lung Dojo
      • Party level range has been increased from 30 to 50. Players within 50 levels of each other can now party together.
    • Scarlion/Targa
      • Fixed an issue preventing the bosses from moving, attacking and using their skills properly.
      • Fixed an issue where the statues would not properly reset when a new party entered.
    • Fixed a graphical issue with the V Chat Ring.
      • Note: Requires downloading of the latest setup.
    • Cape ‘Royal Mantle’ has been disabled until the next patch due to a crash issue.
      • Players owning this item have been refunded 5 RP, and the item removed.
    • New hairstyles have been released.
      • Male: Time World Rabbit Hair, Nue Hair, Wanderer Boy Hair, Ibaraki Hair, Blademaster Hair, Albaire Hair.
      • Female: Voluminous Pigtails, Innocent Ponytail Hair, Sugar Girl Hair, Star Student Hair, Snowlit Hair.
      • Note: To be able to see the names of the hairstyles in-game, you must download the latest setup.

    • Fixed an issue where quest ‘Chai's First Crush’ could not be completed.

    • Dragon Scale/Dragon Spirit have received a drop rate increase.

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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