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    Hi Royallers!

    This update requires all players to download a new setup. The download links are available on the downloads page now. You will need to use the latest setup to enjoy the latest content and avoid experiencing gameplay issues after the patch.
    New Area:
    • Malaysia is now available!
      • Talk to NPC Audrey in CBD to travel to Trend Zone Metropolis or Kampung Village.
      • 14 new monsters & 2 new bosses to hunt.
      • 14 new maps to explore.
      • 21 new quests to complete.
      • Theme Park Expedition is available:
        • 30 Minute time limit.
        • Requires Quest "Off to the Fantasy Theme Park" (level 90+) completed.
        • Squad leader can only lead once per day.
        • Maximum of 2 entries allowed per character per day.
    Monster Book:
    Party Quests:
    • Ariant PQ is now available!
      • Talk to NPC Cesar in Henesys, Perion, Ludibrium, Nautilus Harbor or Ariant to join.
      • 2 ~ 6 players are required to start the PQ.
      • Players must be at least Level 20 and at most Level 30.
    • Mu Lung Dojo
      • Amount of points gained from stages has been adjusted:
        • Points gained from the later stages has been increased.
        • Solo Dojo no longer gives extra points compared to Party Dojo.
      • Dojo no longer removes non-Dojo buffs.
      • Fixed an issue where kills would not count towards some Dojo medals.
      • Fixed an issue where previously obtained Dojo medals would not be removed once you obtain a new one.
      • Fixed an issue where party buffs and heals would apply to party members not in the same map.
    • Crimsonwood Keep PQ
      • The Thief Mastery Room can now be completed by Chief Bandits and Shadowers.
    • Fixed an issue where talking to the Fox Lady during the quest “Retrieve a Soul” would result in an error.
    • Fixed a text issue for the quest "Running out of Time".
    • The following quests will now properly work with all available pets:
      • “Nella's Dream”
      • “Kenta's Advice”
      • “Pet Instructor Test”
      • “The Secret Method”
      • “Title Challenge - Wonderful Pet Owner”
    • Quest “The Clocktower Monster Wipe-Out Operation” has been fixed and can now be completed.
    • Quest “Legend of the Snail” has been fixed and can now be completed.
    • Quest “Title - Beginner Explorer” has been fixed and Henesys will now count towards the quest.
    • Quest “The View of the Ocean” will no longer be incompletable if the quest item is dropped.
    • Quests which should allow you to recover a lost quest item now work properly.
    • Quests with a time limit will now properly show a timer and have a time restriction.

    • The increased damage from elemental weakness changes to bosses implemented in Update 59 will now properly show the correct damage to the player.
    • Red Slime has been changed to the level 70 version, item drops have not changed.
    • Transformed Dark Yeti now properly drops Dark Yeti Horn instead of Dark Jr. Yeti Skin.
    • Dark Yeti and Pepe now properly drop items from their separated forms, rather than the pre-form.
    • Blue Mushdad will now properly drop items.
    • Snack Bar will now properly drop items.
    • Rotting Skeleton will now properly drop items.
    • Dead Scarecrow will now properly drop items.
    • Twisted Jester will now properly drop items.
    • Capt. Latanica will now properly drop items.

    • Transform and Super Transform now have a cooldown of 60 seconds (previously 1 second)
    • Hermit’s Meso Up now correctly increases the amount of mesos dropped by monsters.
    • Fixed two bugs with Chief Bandit’s Pickpocket:
      • It would not drop mesos if a user’s level is lower than a mob’s level;
      • Amount of mesos to be dropped to be lower than intended in most cases.

    • The Lounge map has been reverted back to normal from its Christmas theme.
    • The hidden portal in China’s Mountainside will now properly work as a shortcut to China’s Mahavira after obtaining permission.
    • Fixed a teleporting issue on a slope in China’s Mountainside.
    • Skills will no longer work in GM event entrance maps, and other related GM event maps.
    • Mu Lung Dojo Entrance will no longer trigger an error about a missing script. Portal has been disabled.
    • Amherst will no longer trigger an error about a missing script.
    • Destroying both reactors at Land of Wild Boar will now kill all Jr. Boogies.
    • Buff zones are implemented:
      • For example, in Leafre maps Dragon Forest I, The Hidden Dragon Tomb I, The Hidden Dragon Tomb II, Dragon Forest II, and Dragon Forest III, there's this reactor where, if you stand in front of it while its buff zone is in its enabled state (and the reactor looks like it does in the gif), you'll gain 1000 HP!

    • NPC Cesar for Ariant PQ has been added to Ariant, Perion, Nautilus Harbor and Ludibrium.
    • NPCs with special animations will now show those animations in response to quest completions and various NPC scripts
    • Limited NPC system is implemented.
      • This system is used mainly for events to make NPCs appear or disappear at given dates and times. For example, NPC Reef which gives the quest “The Forest of Evil” will only appear between 5 PM and 7 AM every day.


    • Quest Specialist medal stats have been improved from +3 int/str/dex/luk to +5 int/str/dex/luk.
    • Fixed an issue where the Snowmobile Mount and Capybara Mount would crash the game client in underwater maps.
    • Fixed an issue where White Flang shorts was impossible to trade.
    • Fixed an issue where Star Planet Mascot Hat was not covering all hairstyles properly.
    • Fixed an issue where Targa Silk Hat disappeared during the animation for Airstrike.
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrect image showed while using the Broomstick Mount on a Rope.
    • Fixed a graphical issue with the Bulbous-Eyed Face.
    • Fixed an issue where you could crash when using violet Onmyouji facestyle.
    • Fixed a graphical issue with the Jousting Helmet and certain hairstyles.
    • Fixed missing image frames for the following items/hairs/faces:
      • Flushed Cheeks
      • Superstar Crown
      • Floaty Baseball
      • Exciting Hoodie
      • Ribbon Days
      • Frog Raindrop
      • Placid Face (hazel)
      • School Girl Hair
      • Kerning City Hair
      • Crayon Hair
      • Juliet Hair
      • Fluffy Cloud Hair
      • Stocking Shorts
      • Checkered Tights
      • Hearts Tights

    • Fixed a bug where you couldn't buy items from the buyback storage if they're over slot 127.
    • Bandit’s Haste now produces the correct sound effect when used - instead of a Booster sound effect.
    User Interface:
    • Pirate’s Auto AP assign buttons have been removed as intended in Update 59.
    • The world (heart pin) and minimap (heart) map will now show the location of your spouse.​
    • Mu Lung Dojo UI has been adjusted so that buffs no longer block the monster HP bar.
    • Client has been optimized for its loading time:
      • Splash screens have been removed from client startup.
      • Fixed a bug causing the error "Colnitialize has not been called".
      • Fixed a bug where the client's window does not show up after launching it.

    Please report any bugs or glitches that occur after this patch at the Bug Report section. In addition, feedback is always welcome in the Feedback section.

    Happy Mapling!

    -- The MapleRoyals Staff
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