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    Hi Royallers!

    This update requires all players to download a new setup. The download link is available on the website's download page now. You will need to use the latest setup to enjoy the latest content and avoid experiencing gameplay issues after the patch.

    • NPC Pietro will reward you with a surprise reward upon completing a GM event.
      • Note: There are more than 100 possible rewards. Good luck!
    Bug Fixes:
    • ~setting megaphones disablegachapon now blocks Gachapon Megaphone correctly.
    • ~setting megaphones disableall now blocks Avatar Megaphone correctly.
    • Kacchuu Musha’s lightning attack will now correctly act as a magic attack, rather than a physical attack.
    • Removed duplicated hairs and faces from NPC.
    • The quest “Kenta’s Advice” will now give your pet the ability to walk at the same speed as your character.
      • Note: Only pets that are spawned while completing the quest will be given this effect.

    • The quest “Educating Smart Pets (Pet Summon)” will now teach a pet the /petcome command.
      • Note: To trigger the quest, you must possess and activate a smart pet (i.e. Robo).

    • The quest “Educating Smart Pets (Speech by Itself)” will now cause your pet to speak on its own at random intervals or in response to various events.
      • Note: Robo is the only pet that has any special dialog related to this.
      • Note: Your pet will only gain these abilities when completing the quests. As such, we’ve reset everyone’s quest progress for these three quests.
    • The medal quest “Wonderful Pet Owner” where the “You’ve got a title!” red dialog didn’t show up unless you had a pet spawned with more than 1,400 closeness while starting the quest.
    Party Quests:
    • Guild PQ’s bonus drop rates have been increased.

    • Mu Lung Dojo is now available. Talk to NPC Mu Lung Dojo Bulletin Board at Mu Lung Temple to get started.

    • Night Lord and Shadower’s Taunt are now functional; it will properly give affected monsters a defense buff, and also increase the EXP and drop rates for rewards given by monsters with the debuff when dying.

    • FP Arch Mage's Fire Demon and IL Arch Mage's Ice Demon are both now functional; they'll apply a damage over time effect, and will modify a monster's elemental weaknesses.

    • Ranger’s Inferno will now apply a burning damage over time effect.

    • Priest’s Doom is now functional and will turn monsters into snails and modify their stats accordingly.

    • Crusader's Coma: Sword and Coma: Axe will now properly stun monsters.
    Cash Shop:
    • Fixed a bug where you could not purchase the 'Checkered Shirt' NX item.
    • The bugged 'Magnus Face (M)' has been removed and affected players have been refunded RP and face reset to default.
    • SP Resets have been discounted by 50% for 30 days.
    • The Stat window has received a new look where the Auto AP assign button is removed:

    • ~setting now show success messages when toggling critical effects or megaphones.

    • Revamped the server’s foothold system to significantly improve foothold resolution performance and accuracy.
    This overhaul was prompted by the broken floor in our custom made Christmas Free Market Entrance map (where you could stand on the bottom floor, but you could not drop items there), which was due to differences in how the game client and our server loaded and searched through map footholds (which are essentially platforms that tell the game where the ground is within a map). Within the server, the foothold system is largely used to figure out where the ground is underneath a given x/y coordinate (used mainly by items being dropped in order to figure out where their final resting position should be, amongst a few other very frequently used functions). Because of the aforementioned differences, the server simply thought there was no ‘floor’ platform in the FME map, and wouldn’t have been able pick a foothold to place the drops onto.

    As a result of the changes made, not only will the server find the correct foothold with perfect accuracy and no potential issues with custom maps like the FME had, but it does so about five times faster than before (and an even greater difference on really large maps with thousands of footholds like Orbis!), due to the fact that the server no longer has to search through every foothold within a map every time it needs to find a foothold for a given coordinate.

    Happy Mapling!
    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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