Update Update #58 13/12/2018

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    Hi Royallers!

    The following changes and bug fixes were introduced in this update:


    Bug Fixes:
    • Map names with “&lt;” has been fixed with the appropriate “<” sign.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause ~buyback to not load once you've sold more than 128 items from the same inventory type.

    • White Knight’s Total Crash and Dragon Knight’s Power Crash now affect a maximum of 15 mobs instead of 20.
      • Note: This fixes an issue where the player would disconnect when using the skill with more than 15 mobs in range.

    Party Quest:
    • Carnival PQ 2 has been re-balanced:
      • EXP gained from mobs has been drastically increased.
      • EXP gained from completing the PQ has been drastically increased.

    Cash Shop:

    • Items dropped by mobs that are killed by summons will no longer be lootable by pets.
      • NOTE: This change has been made to reduce the effectiveness of summon botting.
    • Chaos Scrolls and White Scrolls are no longer droppable.
      • NOTE: This change has been made to improve how movement of these items is logged.
    • The icon for Witch Scroll has been changed as illustrated to avoid confusion with the Chaos Scroll:
      • [​IMG]

    Happy Holidays, Royallers!

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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