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    Hi Royallers!

    This is a minor update to fix some issues surrounding the Christmas event update. No new files are required.

    • Fixed a bug that let a player store and stack certain one of a kind items in storage.
      • Note: Any players with stacked one of a kind items have had their stack count changed to 1.

    • The requirement for obtaining a Snow Pepe Chair in the guild snow collecting event has changed from 500 snow to 5000 snow.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a players’ contributed guild snow amount to not increase after changing guilds.
    • Players can no longer enter the Extra Frosty Snow Zone whilst having a Christmas Present in their inventory.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed you to complete the Christmas Dinner quest without being in the same map as Mom & Dad.
    • Fixed a bug where the Christmas Dinner attempt counter was showing the wrong amount of attempts, and you will now get an Orb of Versalmas on your 15th try (or your first next try if you are already over 15 attempts).
    • Fixed a bug where some players couldn’t complete the Christmas Miracle 2018 medal quest.

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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