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Update Update #56 22/09/2018

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Karven, Sep 22, 2018.

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  1. Karven

    Karven Developer

    Jan 1, 2015
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    Hi Royallers!

    This update requires all players to download a new setup. The download link is available on the website's download page now. You will need to use the latest setup to enjoy the latest content and avoid experiencing gameplay issues after the patch.

    • Participate in the Ancient Artifact Hunting Contest and earn some rewards.
      • Visit this thread or speak to NPC Gaga in game to learn more!
    • The following items have been added to the prize pool for GM events:
      • Bus Stop Chair
      • Sakura Princess Chair
      • Merlion Chair
      • Rowdy Chair
      • Shear Wool Chair
      • Mu Lung Scarecrow Chair
      • Von Bon's Fury
      • Baby Dino Chair
      • Kitty Basket Chair
      • Maple Block Friends Chair
      • Spring Chair
      • Sakura Sword

    Party Quest:

    • Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest (CWKPQ) has been released.
      • Entry requirements.
        • The minimum level is 90.
        • Players must now possess the Crimsonwood Keystone to access the CWKPQ signup map (Crimsonwood Keep - Hall to Inner Sanctum).
      • Requirements to lead an expedition.
        • A player can lead an expedition once per day.
        • The leader of the squad must have 12 Crimson Hearts to start the expedition.
      • General requirements.
        • A minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 players can participate.
        • The expedition must consist of at least 2 Warriors, 2 Magicians, 2 Bowmen, 2 Thieves, and 2 Pirates.
        • Players can enter twice per day.
      • As we mentioned in the July 30th Progress Update, we had a small addition that we wanted to include with the release of this PQ: A 5th boss named Master Gawyllacs.
      • Scarlet Phoenix and Azure Ocelot will not be spawning after the death of Red Nirg.
        • As proud members of the Dragon Clan their use as a mere nuisance is unbecoming of their stature, instead we will be looking into alternative ways for using these in a more appropriate way.
    • Guild Party Quest
      • Increased the chance to obtain certain items in the bonus stage.
      • Bonus stage has received a new custom drop: ‘Ergoth’s Throne’.

    Cash Shop:

    • Removed duplicate Puffy Ram Wings.
      • Players owning the duplicate have been refunded the cost, and the item deleted.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Angelic Label Ring from being sold in Cash Shop, the ring is now properly available.
    • New Regular NX and Donor NX has been added to Cash Shop.
    • New hairstyles are available from Big Headward.

    • As briefly mentioned in the Party Quest section; The Crimsonwood Keystone will now be required to enter the map "Crimsonwood Keep - Hall to Inner Sanctum". This change was made as we felt it was too easy to gain access to CWKPQ and reap its glorious rewards. Therefore, players will now be required to complete the following quests to obtain the Crimsonwood Keystone and be able to access the signup map:
      • Lost!
      • ReVersal
      • Subani's Legacy - Discovery
      • Subani's Legacy - Transgression
      • Subani's Legacy - Deliverance
      • Finding Jack
      • Lost in Translation 1
      • Lost in Translation 2
      • Lost in Translation 3
      • Stemming the Tide
      • The Brewing Storm
      • Storming The Castle (Rewards Crimsonwood Keystone)

    • Drop rate for Hyper Glyphs has been increased.
    • Dragon Spirits and Dragon Scales have been removed from monsters in China.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Gorilla Robo from equipping the Pet Label/Quote ring.
    • Fixed various animation issues for the following items:
      • Fixed positioning for attack animation with Sweetwater Crossbow.
      • Fixed multiple issues with the Black Cloud mount cover, such as animation misalignment and hitboxes when jumping, or climbing on a rope/ladder.
      • Fixed an issue where certain big hairstyles would clip through the Sweetwater Hat.
      • Fixed misalignment for certain animations with the Hoi Poi Face.
      • Fixed an issue where your arms disappeared while sitting using the Refreshing Male Outfit.
      • Fixed an issue where Red Wind Robes would disappear during an attack animation.
      • Fixed an issue where Fancy Shoes would disappear during an attack animation.
      • Fixed an issue where Red Shoes would disappear during an attack animation.
      • Fixed an issue where Ring Sneakers would disappear during an attack animation.
      • Fixed an issue where Akarin's Flowery Shoes would disappear during an attack animation.
      • Fixed an issue where Cottontail Rabbit Shoes would disappear during an attack animation.
      • Fixed a layering issue when climbing on ropes with the Dark Devil Outfit gloves.
    • Pet food Dog Bone can now be consumed by the Silver Husky.
    • Pet equip Morphing Pet Necklace can now be equipped by the Silver Husky.
    • Fixed an issue where pet food Dog Bone could be consumed by the Pig.
    • Fixed issues surrounding pet commands for Li’l Lai, Li’l Arby and Li’l Fort.
      • Pet Command Guide has been updated.
    • Corrected an error with the Pet Command Guide: Demon.
    • Missing item effect has been added for Hun T-Shirt, Min T-Shirt, Jeong T-Shirt, Eum T-Shirt.
    • Japanese War Fan can now be equipped over Claw type weapons.

    • Law and Order IX will no longer require to bring a Big Boss Flashlight in addition to defeating The Boss, as it caused a conflict with leaving the boss map.
    • Gorilla Robo can now be evolved into a random Robo pet.
    • Fixed an issue where you received an error clicking on the Treasure Chest part of Shumi’s lost money quests.
    • Fixed incorrect minimum level for a quest related to PPQ.
    • Fixed an issue where you could obtain multiple Dragon Stones even though the item is one-of-a-kind.
      • This did not make it possible to egg a HTP more than once.
    • Following quests are now available to beginners:
      • Find the Maple History Book
      • Find the Maple History Book 2
      • Doll in the Dark 1
      • Doll in the Dark 2
      • Soul in the Dark
      • The Ghost Whereabout
      • A Puppet
      • The Man of Convention
      • Ray of Light
      • Destroying the Power of Evil
    • Fixed a typo in the quest tab for ‘A Book of Fire’.

    • Experienced gained from creating Bosshunter gear has been reduced from 3.2m to 1m.
    • Fixed an issue preventing beginners from visually see the mount skill in the quest reward window.
    • As intended by the original developers; Balanced Fury Throwing Stars will no longer be rechargeable outside of shops in New Leaf City.
    • Fixed an issue where Pirates would be incorrectly tagged as Beginner on the in game ranking.
    • White Pang Tail is now called White Fang Tail.

    In a previous progress update post, we mentioned that the buyback function would be coming with this update (#56). Unfortunately we have not finished development of this feature quite yet, but also felt that we did not want to delay pushing this update any longer while the remainder of the function is being coded. However, we will now be focusing entirely on buyback and nothing else, and therefore expect the feature to arrive very soon in update 56.1. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

    We hope you enjoy the newly added content and fixes that has arrived with this update!

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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  2. Karven

    Karven Developer

    Jan 1, 2015
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    9/23 11:00 AM UTC

    Hi Royallers!

    This is a small hotfix aimed at fixing a few problems that have been brought to our attention since the release of Update 56. The ~buyback command is still our main priority and will be coming very soon.

    Party Quest:
    • Crimsonwood Keep PQ.
      • Fixed a bug that prevented multiple players from entering the bonus stage at the same time.
      • Non-leader expedition members may now start the boss fight.
      • Fixed an issue where you could not leave the Magician stage.
        • The NPC will now warp players back.
      • Fixed an issue where a message was not being displayed when a player left the party quest.
    • Guild PQ.
      • Fixed an issue where items wasn't dropping in the bonus stage.
    • Fixed an issue where the monster skill Zombify wasn't damaging players that were healed.

    • Fixed an issue where the Artifact Medal was not being added to a players medal collection.

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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