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    Hi Royallers!

    This update requires all players to download a new client. You may download the new client from either MEGA or Google Drive. Additionally, the setups on the available on the website's download page have been updated as well, but only the client is required for this update. You will need to use the latest client to enjoy the latest content and avoid experiencing gameplay issues after the patch.

    Additionally, the following bug fixes and improvements have been made to the game:

    Client Edits:
    • Redisabled the ‘exclusive action’ check. See the notes below for an explanation on what this check was for, why we implemented it, and why it’s being removed.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug with Horntail’s new Seduce cooldown logic.
    • Fixed two additional bugs with the Pet Item Ignore excluded item lists, they will no longer randomly fail to appear after changing channels or exiting the Cash Shop.
    • Equipping items on non-leader pets is now possible.
    • *Fixed an issue where you could not create tickets to enter APQ.
    • *Fixed an issue where you could enter the Lovestruck King Slime after the timer ran out, causing you to be warped out.
    • *Fixed an issue where you would receive incorrect Wish Ticket items.
    • Fixed an issue where the Lounge portal was not letting you leave.
    • Fixed an issue where Mystic Door would fail to work for the one casting it.
    • *Fixed an issue where exchanging "Romantic Gift Box" would not increase the total number of trade-ins.
    • *Red Envelope drop rate has been reduced.
    • Wish Tickets now stack in quantities of 600.
    • 3rd and 4th job warriors have had their SP reset.
    • The amount of SP that must be spent on a skill level before being able to add SP to a higher skill level are as follows:
    • To allocate to 2nd job skills; 61 SP is required to be spent on 1st job.
    • To allocate to 3rd job skills; 61 SP is required to be spent on 1st job and 121 SP on 2nd job, or a total of 182 across both 1st and 2nd job.
    • To allocate to 4th job skills; 61 SP is required to be spent on 1st job, 121 SP on 2nd job, 151 SP on 3rd job, or a total of 333 SP across 1st, 2nd and 3rd job.
    • *Voting for NX is now available.

    * Already in effect prior to this update.

    Exclusive check:
    After Update #50 we received tons of feedback on how the new client delays affected gameplay. Here are some details on that check, what we attempted to accomplish, and why it’s now removed:

    In MapleStory, some actions that you can do, such as using potions, looting items, allocating AP or SP, using skills, dropping mesos or items, amongst many others, are considered ‘exclusive’, wherein in the official game the client would wait for the server to respond to that request and then wait an additional few hundred milliseconds (different per request type, usually in the 200-500 millisecond range) before allowing you to perform any other exclusive action. For those familiar with the term ‘tubi’, tubi disables this check at its core so no exclusive actions have to wait for the server to respond or any additional milliseconds. For update 50 we removed this edit, thus reenabling the check and timer.

    Initially, we enabled this check in order to provide a solution to the malicious users who would use packet editors to spam the ‘drop meso’ request. While the server has no issue with this kind of abuse, the client does and begins to lag after enough mesos have been dropped. Additionally, there are many other types of abuse like this that the exclusive action check aimed to fix - with it, we could essentially say that no client could perform a request faster than a given time, and for any user that does send them faster than that is obviously up to no good and we can safely assume that they should be disconnected or autobanned. Any other form of ‘abuse’ that enabling the check happened as a side effect, like with telecasting - we noticed that it was no longer possible in testing and left it like that as we’ve received complaints about it in the past.

    In practice, this didn’t work out as well as we had hoped it would. While the abuse was definitely stopped, the fact that the client waits for the server to respond first before setting that last exclusive action timer (thus starting off the 200-500 milliseconds imposed delay) combined with the fact that unlike the official game, everyone plays on one central server in one geographic location - instead of most users having reasonable latencies of under 100 milliseconds or so, there’s no upper limit on what a user’s ping can be, leading to some users playing with latencies upwards of 700 milliseconds, it was clear that this check was not going to work and any amount of client editing would not get it to work the way we want.

    For the reasons listed above, we’ve reapplied the tubi edit with this client update, which removes the previously introduced delays between skills and other actions, which in turn brings telecasting back. Functionally, the client should work identically to our client that we released for the Christmas update.

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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