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Discussion in 'Help & Advice' started by andik54, Nov 24, 2020.

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    So I have lvled my f/p to AM today, and I was wondering what should I do now according to my future plan which is:
    I want to make a NL, I have no funding (50m....) , So I have to start making an HS mule.
    Meanwhile I could save NX for gacha or for APR.
    So what is the best route for me to choose:
    1) Lv up my AM more
    2) Start right away an HS mule

    What would you do?
    Thanks :)
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    i would do both if possible. if you want to sell leech, you're going to want both an AM that can 1 hit Ulu and an HS mule
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    Do both,
    1. I would send HS mule from lvl 10-27 first through teeth (1mil per set), you would need quite a few sets though.
    2. Try to get leeched at teddies in ludi so you dont use AS much money for teeth. Do this til lvl 30 and go get job advancement,
    3. Since your HS mule has Heal, send it through CPQ1 with master chronos's healing and dmging as much as you can. lvl to 51 via CPQ1.
    4. Leech yourself again with your A/M, till like lvl 54. Buy some pet loot pouch and auto-mp equip for your pet on HS mule, and take your HS Mule to Zombies. Here you can spam heal and get Zombie's lost tooth and pick up a bunch of equips. (Some thief equip and Mage shoes drop here can be worhth like 40m+ i.e. 8INT Moon shoes). You can choose to do this for however long you want. The EXP is decent to start and you don't need to use magic guard since you are healing 100% of the time since HEAL is also your attack in this case. EXP starts slowing down in LVL65+ I think.
    5. Once you hit lvl 70, try PPQ party for some quick levels to lvl 80 (starts slowing down again). Or at this point you should also be able to start self leeching yourself at FTP1 --> Wolf Spiders --> Harps (refer to leeching guide 2020).
    6. Technically from steps 2-5 you can already self leech, but since you don't have an HS mule it will be a bit slower. But it is up to you if you wanted to practice TC on some easier maps too (like wraith leech). I tried to do it this way and it was just too slow, i ended up going to CPQ1 (and CPQ2 since it was still good and i got to go with a group of friends who carried me)
    7. You are done once you hit max HS on your HS mule, and maybe 1 or 2 points into door is good idea too. Keep your HS mule at lvl 82-84 ? You basically dont want to be lvl 85, because thats where the HS mule will start leeching from ULU1/ULU2, which you dont want when you are S> leech.
    Once you have HS mule, my favorite places to leech are HARPS (which you should be able to do in levels <130) You don't have to TC here, and you might get away with charging 40/80 price instead of the standard 35/70m, since you would be a much lower level (It kind of just depends on Supply and Demand of leech sellers and leech buyers at the time).
    ULU2 was also really easy to sell leech at once you learn TC. Good drops (~40-50m of equip per hour of leech, not including possibly really nice Red Cravens). ULLU2 you should be able to 1 hit with some gear, Meteor30, and lvl 130. I would not try to invest in TMA gear to 1 hit petris since your goal is to more fund your NL anyways.
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