So you want a self-ban? READ HERE FIRST!

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    So you'd like to request a self ban? This thread is here to help people who are looking to request a ban, or are curious as to what it's all about. I'll do my best to cover all sections/scenarios, but this is just a guide/reference, if you have any questions feel free to ask here in this thread. Measure twice cut once, as they say.

    How do self-bans work?
    • A self-ban is when you request to be banned voluntarily (without breaking rules!)
    • The types of bans you can request are in-game, forum, or shout-box bans.
    • These bans cannot be less than 3 days, nor exceed 6 months. Period.
    • Once you have been banned, you cannot be unbanned early, no matter why or when you were banned.
    • These bans work like regular bans, where you the player are banned. This means all of your accounts, all of your characters not just the ones you list on your appeal.
    • If you evade a self-ban, all of your new accounts will be banned for the length originally requested and the ban duration is reset on the originally requested accounts. Please see below the "Infractions by Extension, Ban Evasion" section of the games Terms and Conditions (the entirety of which can be found here).
    • If you end up getting banned for something else (Ex: RWT, Vote Abuse, etc), this new ban will supersede the self-ban.

    [Note] A forum ban includes shoutbox, and ingame bans are not the same as forum bans, so a forum ban allows you to keep playing in game, and an in game ban allows you to continue to use the forums/shoutbox.

    Making the Appeal (or in this case, a Ban Request)
    Once you're ready for a self-ban, you need to follow a simple procedure.
    1. Make a thread in Ban Appeals Forum which can be found here. Make sure you follow the correct format in the spoiler and quote below. I suggest copy+paste'ing it into your appeal.
    2. Make your appeal (Ban Request). Clicking here will bring you right to the thread creation screen to make your appeal.
    3. Check the box in the confirmation box above the writing field, or you won't be able to post your ban request. A picture of this is also in the spoiler below as well.
    4. Click the "Create Thread" button at the bottom.

    Once you make your self-ban request, please be patient and wait for a staff member to attend to your thread. As a matter of protocol, you will be asked if you're aware of some of the major rules (such as you won't be able to to get unbanned early, etc.). Once you respond, your ban request will be processed by a Staff member.

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    Please do not post here to request a ban. This thread is for information, clarification, and answering of questions ONLY.

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