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Info Server Hardware Failure 26/05/16

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Matt, May 27, 2016.

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  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator

    May 8, 2013
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    Dear Royallers,

    On Thursday 26th May 2016 at approximately 17:15 GMT+1 Server Time, the server encountered a hardware failure that affected the server's storage device. Because of this, data was unable to be saved to the database, causing players to encounter rollbacks when their character was attempting to be saved to the database, and this also caused a loss of most items that were in players' Hired Merchants that were due to save to the database when the server was shut down.

    Once the issue was brought to our attention, we decided to turn the server off while we investigated the potential losses and took preventative measure to ensure that this issue does not reoccur. We came to the conclusion that rolling back the server to the previous server check (Monday 23rd May at 10:00 GMT+1 Server Time) was not a viable solution in this instance. Rolling back to the previous server check would have been the only solution to attempt to save any merchant items that may have gone missing, but there was also the likelihood that items that were in merchants when the hardware failure occurred may have included many items that did not exist and thus wouldn't have been in the backup crated during that server check. Not to mention the tens of thousands of hours of gameplay that would have been lost if we had decided to proceed with the rollback.

    If you have lost merchant items due to the hardware failure please create a thread in the character issues forum, including as much information as you can recall about the items that were lost from your merchant, including item stats if possible. If you can also recall the last date/time that the lost merchant items were in your characters' inventory or in Fredrick, this will also help us greatly in identifying the exact items or equipment and the appropriate stats to be refunded. We will work through threads on a first come first served basis, so please do not bump your threads as this will send your request to the back of the queue. We predict that it may unfortunately take a few days to get through all the threads, so please do not get disheartened if it takes a while for your thread to be responded to. We will be working as hard as we can to solve the issues as soon as possible.

    If you have lost EXP or items gained from training prior to the issue, we do not have plans to authorise any refunds for these at this time. However we will be planning a 2x EXP/Drop event for sometime over the weekend - and/or possibly next weekend. We will make a further announcement confirming this.

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused and want to reassure you that we are doing the best we can at resolving this as swiftly as possible.

    The MapleRoyals Staff
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  2. Fergus

    Fergus GM

    Jun 22, 2014
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    在伺服器時間 2016 年 5 月 26 日約 17:15 的時候,伺服器遇到一些硬體故障的問題,影響到資料的儲存。因此,玩家的紀錄無法被儲存到遊戲資料庫,變成像是回朔的問題。這也造成玩家的自由市場商人的損失,所以當時採取了關閉伺服器的動作,進行臨時維修。

    在關閉伺服器的同時,我們確認了玩家的損失,也進行了一些調查,以防止未來相同的問題再度發生。另外,關於解決已造成的問題,我們得出的結論是,如果要把遊戲回朔到上次的伺服器檢查(伺服器時間 5 月 23 日星期一上午 10 點),不是一個適合的解決辦法。如果採取回朔辦法的話,是目前唯一可以救回自由市場商人損失的方法。但因為硬體早就發生故障,也許會有部分的物品沒有被備份到,所以我們決定不採用回朔辦法,更不用說這會讓玩家投入遊戲的數萬小時全部白費。

    如果玩家發現遊戲角色有任何損失的話,請到 Character Issues 板 按照格式發文回報,內文盡量越詳細越好,像是損失的物品、裝備的數值等。如果可以的話,最好也能夠附上損失物品的日期和時間,這會大大幫助我們找回玩家損失的物品和裝備,進而發還給玩家。我們會把有關遊戲角色損失的發文,放在第一順位來處理,所以麻煩請不要「推(Bump)」文,這會讓你的文章順序往後延長。我們可以預見,這將會花費好幾天的時間來處理所有的回報發文,所以當你的發文沒有被回應的時候,請不要灰心喪氣,我們會竭盡所能幫助你解決問題!


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