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    Howdy! With the help of @Gert and @LichWiz I've put together a cards against humanity set featuring MapleRoyals related cards: There are (currently) 58 call/black cards and 164 response/white cards - they are mostly endgame oriented though!
    You can play it online with your friends at Pretend You're Xyzzy but heads up that site is a bit wonky (the chat doesn't work and you have to select and confirm every card you play) so I've included a quick guide to get it going.

    1. Pick a server.
    Above the box where you put your nickname, click the link saying 'click here' and choose a server that has space. The main one fills up during peak hours.
    2. Click 'I have read the above; take me to the game!
    3. Enter your username of choice, ignore the optional identification code.
    4. Click Set
    5. Click 'Create Game' at the top left
    6. Change player limit if required, enter a password if you want
    7. In the chat box, enter /addcardcast HMXCB
    8. Simply copy paste the URL to your friends who wish to play
    9. Click 'Start Game' at the top left when you're ready! I believe it requires at least three people

    1. Click the URL to the game your friend has hopefully sent you
    2. Enter your username of choice, ignore the optional identification code.
    3. Click Set
    Optional: Enter password if necessary

    You're ready to play!
    If you don't get a URL, I bet you'll be able to find it in the server list if you find out what server they're hosting on and their username.

    I've not had much chance to test it out and I've not made one of these before so please send feedback on what dumb cards to put in and which useless cards to remove!
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