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READ FIRST - Error Code Guide

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Matt, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Error Code Guide​

    Can't get pass login screen
    1. Run the client as an admin (for vista & win 7 users)
    2. If other players can get online, disable your loopback adaptor.
    3. You may have been banned. Post a ban appeal thread.

    Error code: 10093
    This is a problem with Windows Vista users. To fix, read the below steps:
    1. Click Start then go to all programs, accessories, command prompt
    2. Right click the command prompt and click 'Run as Administrator'.
    3. On the command prompt box type netsh winsock reset
    5. Press enter and restart your computer.

    Error 38
    This error may happen randomly or you stayed in the cash shop for too long. Restart the MapleRoyals client to fix this.
    Other reasons:
    1. It can also be a packet error, meaning that wrong information is sent to the client.
    2. Bugged skills/items/hairstyles etc get you error 38.

    Server check/Firewall
    1. It is because the server is down or in the middle of restarting
    2. If server is up and you have this error, try disabling any antivirus/firewall you have against the MapleRoyals client
    3. You have been IP or mac banned.
    4. Your internet is not enabled

    Error code : x2005530585 unknown error 0x88760827
    The common cause of this problem is that something is wrong with the computer's registry and it needs to be fixed. What you can initially do is to restart the computer and try again. If that doesn't work, use a registry cleaner to fix the problem then restart your computer. There are other causes for this error too: this is one example.

    Missing ijl15.dll
    Check to see if the MapleRoyals client has been placed in your v62 folder. Put our client where your v62 maple folder is, and open the client there.

    Missing wzmss.dll
    Check to see if the MapleRoyals client has been placed in your v62 folder. Put our client where your v62 maple folder is, and open the client there.

    Error code: Black screen at launch and disconnected shortly after
    Once starting up the client, you may have not have connected properly and it causes you to get that error "You have been disconnected from the login server". Do not be alarmed, just run the client as administrator again because I do get this error sometimes when starting up MapleRoyals.

    Account does not exist / Unregistered ID
    just restart the client and it should work again. If it doesn't work it's probably is because you installed v62 into the same folder where your GMS or other versions are saved. Make a new folder on the desktop or wherever you want and name it something like Maplestory v62. Then, install v62 into the new folder, put the cilent in the folder you installed v62, and then login. If this doesn't work, your account might be deleted.

    Error code: -2147024883 (The data is invalid.)
    Uninstall and reinstall Maplestory.

    Errorr code: Hackshield update error 0◊300000003
    Use the actual MapleRoyals client, not the MapleStory.exe.

    Error code: -2147467259
    You need to update your drivers.
    It could also be your graphics driver, so check that too.
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