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    Toastbread11 130 Dark Knight.

    Never was active much in the forums, but quitting due to the community. The lack of self-awareness, lack of maturity, and plain rudeness is lost on many of the random users I happen to come across and it worries (though not surprises) me that 24+ year olds are acting like this. That and I don't feel a bond with maplestory in gameplay.

    To the Following, please consider the 2nd sentence of the first point. There are 0 screenshots for the 1st two but don't care if you believe me or not.
    To iGenesis: I don't even know who you are but all I did was a ~mapowner on my map though maybe you might be related to Chady
    To Chady, all I did was say "can you not ask your guild for help" and "you should google it" and frankly, it's hard to believe you're not a teenager with the screenshots I sent to a Jr

    To Cuddles, Favoring this report: over and not even giving me any say in the matter, not revealing why I was kicked, nor giving me any say in the Chady matter with my screenshots makes me feel I dodged a ICBM. Though to be fair I have already heard about cuddles from others, how it wasn't for me, and I did join for the top 10 rankings anyway

    For a 180 switch, I don't think the following users are online anymore, but just for the hell of it.
    Ochamin = for being pretty cool. If you were online I'd have given you 100m.
    Jiminie = for being pretty cool. KPQing about 7 years ago with your other friend whom I can't remember remains the fondest memory I have with royals.
    JudyJen = for also being pretty cool.

    To all my other friends whom I've been fortunate to have met with over the years since 2014.

    Thanks and see you all later,
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    If drama follows you wherever you go, then maybe it's not everyone else! Have a great life! :PBLove:
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