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    Hi Royallers!

    The following changes and bug fixes have been introduced:

    • The Thanksgiving event will run until December 7th. Visit Grandma Benson in Henesys for more details.

    Bug Fixes:
    • The Guild Scoreboard will now display the top 100 Guilds' ranks.
    • Players who did not complete the Temple of Time quest lines won’t be able to teleport to the maps using Teleport Rocks or Mystic Door without having completed the required quest. To prevent players access to ToT without the proper quests, all characters within ToT have been warped to Three Doors.
      • NOTE: Successfully bypassing the quest requirements for the different ToT maps after this update will be considered glitch abuse and is subject to punishment under the glitch abuse rule.
    • Fast Travel Ticket purchased from NPC Albert will now show the expiry date, and will expire.
      • NOTE: Affected tickets have been updated to have a 1 week expiry time.
    • Purchasing Secret Spell Scroll from NPC Vega will no longer disconnect the player.
    • Creating and deleting of BBS threads and replies will now be saved properly.
    • Level up and job change will no longer be broadcasted in the guild when someone logged in for the first time since the last server restart.
    • Alliance capacity can now be expanded up to 5 slots only.
      • NOTE: All affected alliances which have more than 5 slots would have its capacity reduced to 5, and affected players refunded.
    • Using a SP Reset to add points into a skill that’s at skill level 0 will no longer just consume the reset without modifying skills.
    Cash Shop:
    • Regular and VIP Teleport Rock now has a level restriction of at least Level 50.
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