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    Hi Royallers!

    The following changes and bug fixes have been introduced:

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue that caused various Cash items to suddenly become untradable, droppable, or otherwise unusable.
      • While the items themselves are fixed, the bugs that caused the items to ‘break’ are not. We have implemented tools to keep track of how Cash items are used to catch what causes them to break and will continue to monitor the issue. If you encounter a ‘broken’ Cash item, feel free to open a bug report stating what the last few actions (dropping, trading, combining stacks, inserting/removing from the Cash Shop inventory, etc.) you performed with that item, preferably all actions with that item since the last time you logged in.
    • Fixed an issue that caused certain items e.g. pets and chairs to not be possible to store in the Cash Shop inventory.
    • Fixed an issue where Fame would not save correctly when gaining or losing fame from a user after having received fame from a quest.
    • Quest Zenumist Cape can now be completed.

    • There will be a patch on October 5th at 03:00 server time lasting approximately 2 hours. New game files and patch notes will become available during the downtime.
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