Update New Source Update #39 12/08/2017

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    Hi Royallers!

    The following changes and bug fixes are introduced:

    • Hired Merchant, Owl of Minerva, and Fredrick are fully functional.
      • Players who have missing items in the last 4 slots of their inventory due to the transition to New Source can now retrieve it back from Fredrick in Free Market Entrance.
      • Hired Merchants can be purchased from the Cash Shop.
      • Owl of Minerva can be purchased from Albert in Free Market Entrance or the Cash Shop.
      • Current Hired Merchants in inventories will remain but will expire 7 days from today.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug involving selling items in bundles in Player Store.
    • Lowered the drop rate of all mastery books dropped by the following monsters:
      • Skelegon
      • Skelosaurus
      • Jr. Newtie
      • Crimson Guardian
    • Fixed the Ludibrium Pet Walkway.
    • Fixed Claudia's hairstyle coupon.
    • Fixed an issue with creating Bosshunter gear.
    • Fixed an issue with creating Bows in Henesys.
    • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't lose PQ items when leaving Ludibrium Party Quest.
    • The following quests have been fixed:
      • The Ultrasonic Wave Decoder
      • Tae Soo’s Reward
      • The Large Pearl
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