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    Hi Royallers!

    This patch requires all players to download new files. The download links are available on the Downloads page on the main website. To update your game, simply download the setup file and run the installation. Failure to update your game file will result in you experiencing disconnections and other gameplay issues.

    The following changes and bug fixes are introduced:

    • End of 4th Anniversary event:
    • Amherst and Free Market Entrance have been reverted back to default layout.
    • Reverted login screen to default layout.
    • Event NPCs (Cake Boss Daniel and Gaga) have been removed.
    Bug Fixes:
    • A character's level will now correctly update when levelling up through an NPC, like the Orbis Exchange Quest and trading of artifacts for ITCG manuals.
    • Fixed a rare issue where players entering a portal will show up as entering multiple times. This also fixes the Krexel’s portal issue where entering once will register it as twice.
    • Fixed sound issues with Iron Mutae.
    • Added incorrect/missing description and names for a few items.
    • Stone Tiger Heads now stack in quantities of 100.
    • Unblocked a few character names/IGNs of online games, including normal names.
    • Fixed an issue where Dragon Strike was clipping through the ground in Super/ Transformation.
    • Fixed description for Buccaneer’s Super Transformation to show the correct cooldown (240 seconds instead of 360 at max level).
    • Fixed description for Shadower’s Assassinate.
    • Added missing description for Marauder’s Energy Charge at level 34.
    • Hero’s Enrage now displays the cooldown time in the description.
    • White Eyes can now be obtained through the VIP Lens Surgeon in Orbis and Henesys, for all face styles that has White Eyes available to them.
    • Big Headward in the Free Market now has all eye colors available when purchasing a donor face style.
    • Pet equip Rudolph’s Sleigh can now be equipped on pet Rudolph.
    • Fixed multiple NX mount saddles that had incorrect images.
    • Fixed incorrect image with NX item Show Me The Meso.
    • Pet Instructor Test and The Secret Method can both now be completed and will reward the player with the skill “Follow the Lead” (Multi Pet skill).
    • Disabled duplicate Todd's How to Hunt.
    • Fixed description errors for quest The Mark of Heroism, and Bigg's Collection of Items.
    • Removed bot catching monster Rurumo from Alcadno Lab - Area C-2
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