Update New Source Update #36 14/07/2017

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    Hi Royallers!

    The following changes and bug fixes were introduced in this update:

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that caused attacking a monster without a weapon as a Pirate to not deal damage.
    • Fixed a bug that allow static (Puppet, Octopus) or expired summons to be transferred across channels.
    • Fixed a bug that could get certain characters to not be able to log into the game
    • Skill macros are now working and will save correctly.
    • Beginner
      • Follow The Lead now works. Only players with this skill can spawn more than one pet.
    • Magician
      • Bishop’s Holy Shield now works.
      • F/P Wizard and I/L Wizard's Slow will now properly reduce monsters' movement speed.
      • F/P Mage and I/L Mage's Seal will now properly stop monsters from casting skills.
    • Thief
      • Chief Bandit's Assaulter will now stun monsters.
      • Shadower's Assassinate and Boomerang Step will now stun monsters.
    • Pirate
      • Brawler's Double Uppercut and Backspin Blow both now stun.
      • Brawler's MP Recovery now works.
      • Gunslinger's Wings will no longer get you stuck on portals.
      • Gunslinger's Blank Shot will now stun monsters.
      • Outlaw's Flamethrower will now cause monsters to burn, dealing damage over time. It will kill the monster instead of stopping when it hits 1 HP.
      • The backflip animation an Outlaw does when spawning an Octopus (or any other character animations that occur when spawning a summon) will now show its effect to everyone else on the map.
    • Warrior
      • Dragon Knight’s Dragon Blood now works.
      • Hero’s Enrage now works.
      • Monster Magnet will now show its effect to everyone else on the map and will not get you stuck on portals anymore.
      • Paladin’s Heaven Hammer now properly deals damage.
    • Misc
      • Skills that slow, stun, or freeze a monster will no longer randomly fail to visually do so, or randomly fail to be removed from the mob.
    Party Quest:
    • Orbis PQ is now working. Talk to NPC Wonky the Fairy at Orbis: The Unknown Tower.
      • A party of 6 members is required to attempt the PQ.
      • Level requirement is 51 to 80.
      • Collect 40 Feather of Goddess to exchange for a Goddess Wristband.

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    The following bugs in Orbis PQ has been fixed:

    • Fixed the portal message at <Lounge> involving "You cannot leave because someone in your party is still in the room" and "The leader of the group left <Lounge>" appearing one after another.
    • Removed debug message when entering PQ.
    • Increased drop rates for Jail Storage and Bonus stage boxes.
    • <Walkway> will only drop 30 pieces now instead of 39.
    • Grupin now drops the 5th Small Piece at 100% rate.
    • Fixed an issue where party leader could not leave <Lounge> after clearing the stage.
    • The whole party is now correctly warped into the bonus stage.

    Thanks @Andreas! ~f2
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