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    Hi Royallers,

    The following bugs were fixed in this update:

    • Fixed an issue that would prevent users from allocating skill points into acquired 4th job skills.
    • Skills that display an animation while the skill is in use (FP Arch Mage/IL Arch Mage/Bishop's Big Bang, Marksman's Piercing Arrow, Bowmaster's Hurricane, and Corsair's Rapid Fire) will now properly end their animation for nearby users once the skill is no longer being used.
    • Dragon Knight's Sacrifice will now properly consume HP based on how much damage was dealt to a monster.
    • FP Wizard, IL Wizard, and Cleric's MP Eater will now properly steal MP from monsters.
    • Bandit's Steal will now force monsters to drop an item.
    • Assassin's Drain will now correctly heal the skill caster.
    • Night Lord's Shadow Stars is now functional.
    • Reduced the amount of damage Corsair's Battleship receives by a factor of 10 to counteract the lowered HP Battleship has due to using correct calculations.
    • The harp in Eliza's Garden will now properly make sounds when the strings are clicked.

    The MapleRoyals Staff
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