[New Source] Guide to Leveling Characters to Lvl42 using Exchange Quests

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    Hi guys, here is a guide that I've written with the help of my fellow guildies (Slackers <3). It's been sitting on our bbs for months. I have thought about releasing it here earlier but since the content may not be relevant after the next patch, it was put on hold. However, given the progress of the new patch, I feel it's time to release at least the first part of this guide. The second part on leeching will be release if it's still relevant post patch.

    Traditionally, most people use ztooth to power lvl from 10-30. We'll be exploring other exchange quests that exist in the server that can prove to be a more viable solution.

    Experience Table

    I've used the information in the following link for my calculations


    As you can see it takes approximately 2.22 mil experience to get form lvl 1 to lvl 42.

    Some interesting points to take note of before the next section:

    lvl 7- 25 = 151,113 exp
    lvl 10 - 25 = 148,471 exp

    lvl 23 - 25 = 49,888 exp
    lvl 24 - 26 = 58,485 exp
    lvl 25 - 27 = 68,000 exp

    lvl 29 - 31 = 119,613 exp
    lvl 30 - 32 = 150,584 exp

    Exchange Quests

    [Note: Our server has a 3.2x exp rate for quests]

    1) Staff Sergeant Charlie Exchange Quest (aka Ztooth quest)
    NPC: Sergeant Charlie
    Location: Orbis
    Items Required: 100 Zombie's Lost Tooth
    Experience rewarded: 1,600
    Min level: 7

    2) Glimmerman Exchange Quest
    NPC: The Glimmerman
    Location: NLC
    Items Required: 1 White Versal Materia + 7 Black Crystal
    Experience rewarded: 64,000
    Min level: Only makes sense to do at lvl25
    Note: You need to hold a White Versal Materia in your inventory or the quest will not appear

    - Reduced the amount of EXP granted by iTCG crafting.

    3) John Barricade Exchange Quest
    NPC: John Barricade
    Location: Big ben, (first map from NLC)
    Items Required: Either (Lefay Jewel +Typhon Crest) or (Pharoah Wrappings + Typhon Crest)
    Experience Rewarded: 130,000
    Min Level: Only makes sense to do at lvl 30
    Note: You'll need to click around the dialogues, something regarding artifacts

    4) Lita Lawless Bounty Hunter Quest
    NPC: Lita Lawless
    Location: NLC
    Items Required: 30 Lucky Charm
    Experience Rewarded: 150,000 (first time), 80,000 (repeat)
    Min Level: 40

    5) NLC Mayor Quiz Quest
    NPC: Mayor
    Location: NLC
    Solution: 3-3-2-4-4-2-2-3-1-1-1-3
    Experience Rewarded: 16,000 (each question gives 1,066)
    Min Level: 10

    Reasons for min level for Glimmerman and John Barricade, while it's possible to complete this quest at earlier lvls, it's a waste to be doing so since there is a lvling cap in the game that prevents you from leveling more than 1 levels at time (E.G: lvl 10->12) instead you'll be stuck at lvl 11 at 99.98%. If you refer to the previous section, the first time where it takes more than 64,000 to level 2 times is at level 25, and level 30 for 130,000.

    Suggested Sequence

    Lvl 1- 7 = Maple island
    Lvl 7 - 25 = Ztooth 93 sets of 100
    Lvl 25-30 = Glimmerman (4 sets)
    Lvl 30-41 = John Barricade (14 sets)
    Lvl 41 -42 = Lita Lawless (2 sets)

    Whenever you fall short (get stuck at 99.98%), use the mayor quest to help you level up before exchanging again.


    Zombie stacks should not cost more than 1 mil per 100.
    Glimmerman quests make sense iff wvm + 7 black crystal < 40m (Since experience is 40x of zombie tooth)
    John Barricade make sense iff 2 artifact (Lefay Jewel/Pharoah Wrapping + Typhon Crest) < 2 wvm + 14 black Crystals < 80m
    Lita lawless should cost around 9-12m per set of 30 four leaf clovers

    This does not factor in leeching. Depending on how much the costs of these items are, you might be better off buying split leech from level 35-40, or Solo Leech for 38-40. Ideally, the cost of 2 artifact <30m.

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