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New report abuse format for KSing

Discussion in 'Report Abuse' started by Tim, Mar 20, 2016.

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  1. Tim

    Tim Administrator

    Apr 14, 2014
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    Hey everyone,

    Recently we've had some discussions about report abuse threads and how they can lead to grey areas with very limited 'evidence' especially regarding killstealing and not respecting the mapowner and his or her wishes. We would like to suggest a new format regarding killstealing and mapownership specifically to improve the quality of life in the game.
    We believe that changing this format would result in:
    • more civil and understanding conversations between players so it wouldn't even result into a report
    • it would make reporting much more of a hassle so less people would report 'for the sake of it' even though their problem already got solved
    • it would become clear to anyone that the person killstealing is genuinely and knowingly breaking the rules despite warnings and explanation from the mapowner

    Currently this is what we ask of a player before they can submit their report abuse thread in general:

    The format we are now adapting to for killstealing reports:

    Character Name: (your own character name)
    Name(s) of the character(s) you are reporting: (offender's name(s))
    Offence committed: Killstealing
    Details: (explain the incident as clearly as possible and in as much detail as possible so that we have sufficient evidence to make an informed decision)

    Please include multiple unedited and entire screenshots with your report. Edited or partial screenshots will not be accepted as evidence. You can also submit video evidence if you feel it clarifies things better.
    The screenshots should include:
    • You asking a person to leave as you would prefer that they didn't train there with you or loot your items, just saying: 'cc (plz)' is not accepted.
    • You explaining to them that you are the mapowner, showing the ~mapowner by command and explaining killstealing is not allowed on MapleRoyals by the Terms & Conditions.
    • Time stamps (using the ~servertime command) of at least two minutes apart OR a ~bosshp difference from each other where the person is still actively killstealing you despite your attempts to make them aware that killstealing you is unwanted.

    Killstealing reports that do not provide us with this evidence will not be considered.
    As always if you have any feedback regarding this you can let us know in our feedback section.
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