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    MapleRoyals Game Terms & Conditions 3.2
    Last Updated : June 4th, 2022

    This document will separate the Terms & Conditions into three sections identified as Sections 1 through 3, under which specific conditions will be listed and identified by additional numbers.

    Section 1. Overview
    By registering a game account with MapleRoyals, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated below. For the purposes of this document, the personal identifiers “we,” “us,” “our,” and any others, refer to the MapleRoyals Staff, while the second and third person identifiers refer to any registered account user.

    MapleRoyals Staff reserves the right to, at any given time:

    1. Change any term or condition within this agreement;
    2. Change the game, including terminating, eliminating, supplementing, modifying, adding to or discontinuing any content, data or feature of the game, or the hours that the game is available, and;
    3. Change the equipment, hardware or software required to use or access the game.
    Any of the above changes may not be accompanied with forewarning, and all changes will be made effective immediately upon notice, which may be provided by any means, including, but not limited to, game, website, or forum announcement. Any use of the game, website, or forum after such notice will be deemed as an acceptance of such changes.

    Section 2. Registration
    When registering for a game account with MapleRoyals, you are subject to the following restrictions:

    1. Acceptance of Agreement
      By registering a game account with MapleRoyals, you agree that you willingly accept responsibility for any and all characters on said account, and, in the case of multiple registered accounts, that any actions taken against one account registered to you apply to all registered accounts.
    2. Age Restrictions
      In order to register a game account, you must be over the age of 13 and otherwise have the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this agreement. We reserve the right to terminate any game accounts that are found to be in breach of this clause without notice.
    3. Registration Information
      In order to register an account, you are required to provide us with specific information about yourself, including a valid e-mail address and your date of birth. In addition, by registering an account, you are agreeing to the collection of your IP address, MAC address, and Hardware ID. You agree that all of these pieces of information are to be kept up-to-date, accurate, and complete. All of these pieces of information are collected for internal purposes, including, but not limited to, verification of your rights to the account, insurance of the uniqueness of the account, and account security issues. We reserve the right to terminate any game accounts or restrict your access to the game at our discretion if we determine that any of this information is falsified, incorrect, or otherwise invalid.
    Account Information Agreement
    As part of the registration and character creation process, you will be requested to create a username, password, Personal Identification Number ("PIN"), and character in-game name (“IGN”) that will identify you. Both your username and character IGN must be unique to any and all pre-existing ones, and are subject to the following conditions:
    I) The name may not be considered vulgar, defamatory, obscene, hateful, discriminatory or derogatory on the basis of personal identity - including, but not limited to, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and national origin - or otherwise offensive, including any alternate spellings or misspellings at our discretion;
    II) The name must be in compliance with the software's internal restrictions: no longer than 12 characters, no shorter than 4 characters, restricted to only use the lower- and upper-case alphabet and whole numbers from 0-9;
    III) The name must not imply that you are a part of MapleRoyals Staff, or that you have any specific privileges, including, but not limited to, the use of abbreviations such as “Dev”, “GM”, or “Admin”;
    IV) The name may not be used in conjunction with any perceived attempt to impersonate another player, person, or entity; and
    V) The name may not be used to promote, advertise, condone, or describe any activities connected to real world trading.

    Outside of the above restrictions, we reserve the right to change, remove, alter, or delete any character at any time for any reason at our discretion. If you are in breach of any of the above conditions, you may be subject to alterations or other consequences that we deem appropriate, including, but not limited to, the changing of the name in question, restriction of access to the game, or termination of your account at our discretion based upon the severity of the breach.

    Section 3. Game Use & Restrictions
    Any player accessing MapleRoyals is, by playing the game, agreeing that Game Masters (“GMs”), Administrators (“Admins”), and any other MapleRoyals Staff have ultimate discretion and authority in applying or interpreting any clause of the following section based on the evidence obtained from any source. Furthermore, MapleRoyals Staff possess the authority and the ability to exercise the right to modify any punishment for a violation of the Game Use & Restrictions. Upon breach of any of the following clauses, you acknowledge that you have the right to one appeal in which you may present any evidence of your innocence you wish, after which any decision made by MapleRoyals Staff is final and binding, and you are no longer entitled to any further appeals.

    While using the game, you agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. We reserve the right to take any actions we deem necessary and appropriate in order to preserve the integrity of the game at our discretion. While using the game, you agree not to commit any of the following acts, organized into three categories of severity. Unless stated otherwise, the rules listed in this document apply to the MapleRoyals venues in their entirety (MapleRoyals Discord, MapleRoyals Forum, and MapleRoyals game server).

    Major Infractions:
    Punishment: Permanent ban.

    1. Account Hacking - The act of accessing or restricting any game account which was not initially created by you by any means, including any sort of account phishing, or editing or defacing any part of the game. Additionally, the act of soliciting or attempting to obtain any private account information from any individual who owns an account on MapleRoyals through any method.
    2. Game Hacking - The act of using or benefiting from any third-party program or macro program, editing or defacing any part of the game to gain any sort of advantage over other players, or otherwise selling, advertising, distributing, or posting information related to the act.
    3. Server Attack - The act of directly attempting to disrupt, alter, or otherwise tamper with any server or connection associated with the game, including denial of service attacks.
    4. Duping - The act of exploiting any sort of glitch, unintended feature, flaw in game design, or using third party programs, with the intent to duplicate items or mesos, including knowingly possessing or requesting illegitimate items or mesos.
    5. Malicious Content - The act of transmitting or providing access to websites, sources of any software or other materials designed for phishing personal data or contain any viruses, worms, trojan horses, defects, date bombs, time bombs, or other items of a destructive nature.
    6. Illegal Content - The act of providing, transmitting, or otherwise allowing access to non-public information without permission from the rightful owners of the content, including the transmission of third-party trade secrets.
    7. Game Monitoring - The act of scripting, macroing, or otherwise monitoring actions of the game, including "packet sniffing" for any purpose.
    8. Real World Trading - The act of attempting to, or exploiting the software or the game for any sort of commercial purpose, including buying or selling items, mesos, or services for real world currency or barter. Additionally, any and all solicitation, advertisement, or other promotion of the aforementioned, irrespective of the location of the act.
    9. Improper Files - The act of operating MapleRoyals using altered, damaged, outdated, or edited files, or otherwise any game files that were not provided by MapleRoyals Staff, including, but not limited to, any changes to the User Interface or language of the game text, and use of outdated MapleRoyals files more than 14 days separated from the time of the files becoming outdated.
    10. Account Sharing - The act of sharing the use your account, sharing account information with any other individual, or the act of logging into or otherwise using an account owned by another person, with or without permission, regardless of whether or not the information was directly or indirectly shared. Please be aware that, in some cases as per discretion of Staff, we reserve the right to respond with a less harsh punishment. See Appendix for more information.
    Moderate Infractions:
    Punishment: First offense - 14 day ban, Second offense - Permanent ban.

    1. Staff Impersonation - The act of expressing, implying, or otherwise stating that you or your actions are endorsed by MapleRoyals Staff, that you are a part of Staff when you are not, claiming privileges or rights by association to Staff, or misleading players to believe any of the above.
    2. Solicitation - The act of advertising or soliciting any sort of commercial opportunities of any nature, including other private servers, chain letters, pyramid schemes, investment opportunities, or commercial advertising, or additionally providing access to any location that does the above. Please be aware that, in cases of severe abuse as per discretion of Staff, we reserve the right to respond with a permanent ban regardless of whether it is your first offense.
    3. Information Harvesting (Stalking) - The act of collecting any information about the game or any individual associated with the game, including players, ownership, or any involved third-parties, without their expressed consent, and sharing or distributing this in any way or form within the official MapleRoyals venues.
    4. Glitch Abuse - The act of exploiting any errors in game design or any features or bugs, documented or otherwise, that are not meant to be available in order to gain any sort of advantage over other players.
    5. Robotic Play - The act of engaging in robotic or automatic play which allows your character to function without your presence or interaction. Please be aware that, in cases of severe abuse as per discretion of Staff, we reserve the right to respond with a permanent ban regardless of whether it is your first offense. See Appendix for more information.
    6. Vote Abuse - The act of attempting to, or successfully, bypassing the restrictions of voting no more than once per day (UTC). Please be aware that, in cases of severe abuse as per discretion of Staff, we reserve the right to respond with a permanent ban regardless of if it is your first offense.
    7. Scamming - The act of intentionally defrauding others during in-game transactions to gain any sort of advantage over other players
    8. Handling real world trade goods - The act of orchestrating high value trades with suspicious individuals for large profits without doing your due diligence on their background.
      First offense also includes the removal of the goods or total of the equivalent value that was traded for. You will not get your original items back.
    Minor Infractions:
    Punishment: First offense - 3 day ban, Second offense - 7 day ban, Third offense - 30 day ban, Subsequent offenses - 90 day ban

    1. Objectionable Behavior - The act of insulting, threatening, or harassing other players or Staff, or engaging in speech that is vulgar, defamatory, obscene, hateful, discriminatory or derogatory on the basis of personal identity - including, but not limited to, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and national origin - irrespective of the language used. Additionally, the act of "spamming" or "flooding" with chat or skills, or any other action that is excessively disruptive to the individuals around you, as well as transmitting any sort of content that is inappropriate, sexually explicit, or privately owned.
    2. Kill-stealing - The act of attacking bosses or monsters on a map persistently without the system designation of ownership via the ~mapowner in-game command, or alternatively last-hitting any bosses or monsters on a map without that same designation, without the expressed permission of the player who does have that designation.
    3. Map Looting - The act of looting one or more items dropped from a boss monster, regular monster, or other map element without the system designation of ownership via the ~mapowner in-game command, or alternatively without the expressed permission of the player who does have that designation.
    Infractions by Extension:
    1. Believable Claim - The act of making any claim or joke to have broken any other rule listed above that we deem believable, including posing, impersonating, or otherwise claiming to be a player who has broken a rule. Punishment: Identical to actually breaking the rule.
    2. Ban Evasion - The act of circumventing a ban that exists on a player through the use of any means with the intent to, or accomplishing, access of the game on any account. Punishment: Identical to the consequence of which the player attempts to, or already has, circumvented.
    3. Associative Rule-breaking - The act of partying with any player who is breaking any rule listed above, or otherwise requesting that a player break any of the above rules for your own benefit. Punishment: Identical to that which the player who has broken the rule.
    Additional information regarding the above terms may be found in the following appendix, included to assist in better understanding of terms that may include special circumstances or situations. Please note that not all of the above terms may have further explanations.

    2. Game Hacking - You are allowed to rebind keys in a 1:1 action matter with third party software as there is no direct benefit in doing that over using the default keys. We also allow the use of controllers and remapping software for example, as long as the player can reply while playing to not be mistaken for a bot. Please be aware that scripted macro programs which control your character will be considered a game hack and subject to punishment under this rule, and not under Moderate Infraction - 5. Robotic Play.
    4. Duping - It is possible to envision scenarios in which unpredictable server malfunction or otherwise unknown server glitch/error may cause items or mesos to be duplicated in a player's inventory. In this scenario, a Game Master or other member of Staff must be contacted immediately to correct the issue - failure to do so will be considered knowingly utilizing a flawed game scenario to duplicate items, and would therefore result in a permanent ban.
    8. Real World Trading (RWT) - Real World Trading involves the transaction of out-of-game services, items, or currency for in-game benefits. We understand that some players are interested in other activities, such as arts, crafts, or Twitch Streaming, and may wish to compensate those who assist them from either side with in-game benefits. However, this does place a player in a situation where they may be considered to have participated in real world trading, at the discretion of Staff. We advise against any and all of these sorts of meso-for-art trades. Furthermore, the act of soliciting real world trading does qualify as an infraction of this rule, both in-game and out of game, and therefore requesting any in-game item for real world currencies or vice versa may result in consequences as per this rule at the discretion of Staff. For live streaming or similar content, the content creator should ensure they do not offer in-game items or services in exchange for followers, subscribers, donations, or anything else that may constitute real world benefits. If a content creator wishes to give away items or mesos, this must be done fairly to all viewers and not specifically for followers, subscribers, or donators. Additionally, content creators must not incentivize following, subscribing, or donating by rewarding such acts with in-game benefits.
    9. Improper Files - This rule is in place to ensure that all individuals playing our server are using files provided to them by us. We understand that some players may speak in other languages or prefer to use different user interfaces for vanity or ease of access. However, this will be treated as defacing our game files as a whole, rather than just the game file that deals with the particular area in question. As such, the use of any altered official MapleRoyals file, or the use of any file to operate MapleRoyals which was not provided to the players by us, will be considered to have broken this rule and will therefore face consequences under this rule. However, a ban imposed under this rule will be lifted in the event that the player was merely using outdated files, and submits a ban appeal.
    10. Account Sharing - This rule was altered in October of 2014 to respond to the growing number of people abusing the ability to share accounts for a variety of purposes that we deemed unacceptable. Eight scenarios for which account sharing will be considered an immediate permanent ban are the following:

    1. Using power-levelling services;
    2. Two or more people taking turns in levelling up a character (i.e. training);
    3. Logging onto someone else's character in order to leech your own;
    4. Removing items from or deleting someone else's character;
    5. Giving an account with a high-levelled character on it to someone else;
    6. Committing a bannable offence (other than just account sharing) on someone else's account;
    7. Wasting Staff time by lying about the account sharing;
    8. Sharing your account details with multiple people.
    In any other situations, the default punishment will be a 30 day ban and potentially a reversal of actions taken during the share, however, this is still subject to Staff discretion and the involved parties may face a permanent ban regardless of their situation not being listed above. Finally, the use of the same account information as other locations such as your personal social medias or any other game servers does not violate this rule, however, any individuals who access your account on the basis of knowledge of account information in other places does. You are responsible for the privacy of your own account information.
    1. Staff Impersonation - This term includes actions taken cross platform - if an attempt is made to impersonate a member of Staff on the forums, a player may still face repercussion in-game. In many cases, a member of Staff will share a name/nickname with other players that are not members of Staff. For other players, it is still acceptable to use these shared names as an in-game name, however actions taken by a player with this sort of name that may imply association with Staff, including misleading guild names or forum posts, may result in consequences under this rule.
    4. Glitch Abuse - In any situation where a player is uncertain if the function of the game they are attempting to utilize is intended or not, we strongly advise the player to contact a member of Staff, or as a last resort, inquire among other players. Many of the glitches that exist within our game are known and players are told that, while a fix is being worked on, they are to avoid these actions at the risk of consequences under the glitch abuse rule. In addition, if a player discovers a glitch that has not been reported, we advise the player to immediately report it to a member of Staff to avoid any consequences. See Glitch Abuse for more information. Note that entering on multiple characters in event maps simultaneously and smuggling skills into event maps (such as Snowman or Cake Boss) is considered glitch abuse.
    5. Robotic Play - This act will be defined as the failure of a player to respond to a member of Staff when prompted and visibly at the controls of their character, as evidenced by actions such as movement or use of skills. In the situation where a player is prompting another player, a response is not strictly mandatory; however, a player report in which a player is being prompted numerous times without a response over a long period of time may be considered sufficient evidence for consequences under this rule at the discretion of Staff. As such, we strongly suggest to all players to respond to any prompts in order to avoid being portrayed in a manner which may not be true. The use of third-party key macros which cause one input action to register multiple outputs, or leaving weights on your keyboard, or any other method which allows your character to function without your presence or interaction will be considered grounds for consequences under this rule.
    6. Vote Abuse - Please be aware that while the voting rules of this server may be complex, they are made available to players every time they access the MapleRoyals voting page. While we understand that players may at times unintentionally engage in vote abuse, ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable justification for breaking them. See Voting Rules for more information.
    7. Scamming - This act includes situations where players have entered an explicit agreement for in-game services to be completed in exchange for mesos or items. The purpose of this rule is to provide protection for players engaging in transactions that cannot be otherwise safeguarded due to client limitations, such as purchasing leeching services or drop trading. As such, cases such as accidentally buying questionably overpriced items in the free market are not covered by this rule as the price is clearly shown alongside a confirmation window. Additionally, this rule does not apply to group bossing and party questing expeditions, where players are expected to communicate with one another on the allocation of drops.

    8. Handling real world trade goods - This rule was added to make it more difficult for real world traders to launder their goods and to prevent players from profiting off of 'cheap' rwt deals. For the purpose of this rule 'High value' is considered 5 billion mesos or higher. You're expected to do your due diligence on any trade you plan to make that's valued over 5 billion mesos by utilizing questions like the ones provided below:
    • What is their forum account?
    • Who are their main characters?
    • Can they contact you from those accounts?
    • Around how long have they been playing?
    • Why are they selling what they are selling?
    • Does it make sense for them to have these goods comparatively to their MapleRoyals progress?
    • Is there a forum thread on this item to get the best offer? If not, why not?
    • Any of these points not making sense? inform staff prior to trading

    Any of these points not making sense and something feels off? Do not make the trade and feel free to report the user on the forums here.

    Players knowingly and repeatedly making suspicious trades with suspicious characters and/or making a single extremely high-valued suspicious trade that had garnered them a significant amount of mesos and/or advantage are still subject to this rule.

    You risk the chance to get temporarily banned and have your goods removed without getting anything back if there's no sign of you doing your due diligence and the trade you made was too good to be true with a real world trade related character.
    You will not get banned or have goods removed if you made legitimate effort in your due diligence and proceeded with the trade where later on the person you traded with turned out to be a real world trader that had you fooled.
    This rule does not include items sold in free market merchants since the limit is 5 billion mesos. Additionally, this rule does not include leech services (pending the service was actually provided).
    Staff reserves the right to permanently ban you for your first offense depending on the severity of the trade(s) and their value.

    Q: What do we do in a scenario where someone wishes to conduct a trade with a mule character that they hold mesos with, but does not wish to disclose their main characters? I ask this because one of my main sources of making mesos in this game is flipping attack gears that I see people selling through smega, and a lot of the times, I'm met with trades from mule characters. For all these trades, I ask why they're not trading on their main character, and they respond by saying that this is where they hold all their mesos and they do not wish to disclose their main IGNs. What do we do here? If we can't find any information on them because they choose not to reveal, do we just not conduct the trade at all to be safe?
    A: That’s correct. If they do not wish to show that they are normal players with main characters and activity that you expect from someone selling such items, do not complete the trade with them.

    Q: What is considered sufficient with regards to the checklist?
    A: Some scenarios may not require running through the checklist at all. For example, trading with notable community members, or a level 200 in a 'well known' guild. In these instances, all or most of the checklist would already be done for you.

    Q: Are we supposed to run through this checklist for buying items sold in bundles totalling over 5b?
    A: If there is a deal where items are totaling over this amount, the checklist should be completed. However, players are advised to exercise caution when dealing with commonly RWTed goods, including chaos scrolls, white scrolls, apples, auf haven miracle scrolls, taru totems, brown work gloves, stormcaster gloves, and facestompers to name a few. If you find a character is selling these items at a significantly lower price than the current market, you should report them. If a character approaches you privately to try and sell these goods in bulk, you should not deal with them should they not satisfy the checklist.

    Q: I made a deal with a character that is now banned for RWT. Will I be banned or have my items revoked?
    A: If the RWTer had satisfied the checklist items and you had done your due diligence, then you will not be subject to any punishments of this rule. If you had made a deal with a suspicious character, for example a level 30 character selling a perfect weapon with no main account, then you may be subject to punishment.

    Q: How will this affect the staff’s workload?
    A: We expected our workload to increase, and we welcome that if it helps to mitigate real world trade and those who are benefitting from real world traders. This would only involve the staff if the user making the purchase determines that the seller seems questionable and should be investigated. This could be due to the seller not providing any answers to the questions on the checklist.

    Q: Who decides the market price now?
    A: The market will still remain a Free Market. Market prices have proven to be stable enough to reasonably determine a price range for most items within a given time period. If you are making money with items below market value, it is fine as long as you determine the sellers are okay to deal with according to the checklist.

    Q: Why not revert illicit trades instead of revoking the items? At what point in a trade chain would items be revoked?
    A: We've discussed trade reverts and weighed out the pros and cons. Ultimately, we settled on the removal of goods without a refund. The player(s) who participated in this 'grey area' market do so to make profit, taking away their profit items without a refund would discourage them from attempting under the table deals. If you are successfully lied to, you will still keep the items because the chat logs will show that you have done your due diligence and were lied to by the suspicious individual.
    It's also not always feasible to revert trades due to the items/mesos circulating elsewhere outside of the two parties. They are spread into the game economy further and sometimes consist of consumables like scrolls meaning we would effectively be duping items that shouldn't be in the economy just to revert a trade and remove something else.

    Why isn't the threat of having an item revoked enough? In other words, is the threat of a ban necessary?
    A: Unfortunately it is necessary because some players have proven that they will repeat the same behavior. We expect the threat of removal of items to deter most players.

    Q: What do I do if I am selling bulk services or services to the same person over the course of days?
    A: Players should always question who they are dealing with regards to bulk services. While the threshold specified in the rule is 5 billion mesos, we encourage players selling leech, pre-quest services, boss item services, and so on to report individuals they find suspicious. There is currently no punishment involving services, provided the services actually occurred.
    As a general statement for terms under the Minor Infractions title, please be aware that Staff retains the right to decide on a case-by-case basis what infracts the rule and what does not. A similar case in the past does not necessarily qualify a current case to be treated in a similar manner, as every case is different and the nature of inappropriate actions is constantly changing. To be safe from potential bans under minor infractions, the most general suggestion we have is to act as though you are in a real life public situation with your superiors around you. If you are respectful to the individuals around you, it will severely reduce any likelihood of facing minor infraction consequences.

    1. Objectionable Behavior - There are multiple scenarios in which harassment can be defined. Persistence and level of aggression are two major factors - constant harassment over a long period of time will likely qualify a player as having broken this rule, or alternatively a strongly objectionable statement or group of statements over a short period of time. Persistent mass defamation will be considered three or more defames by an individual and may also include asking, paying, or otherwise incentivizing other players to defame another individual. Be aware that the use of certain words, and any variation on them, will result in a ban, if they were uttered in a public space (defined as: all chat, megaphones, omok games, hired merchants, stores, chalkboards, etc.), regardless of whether or not they were used in a targeted manner. In private spaces (defined as: party chat, buddy chat, guild chat, alliance chat, spouse chat, whisper) these terms will be considered a bannable offence only if used in a targetted manner and the target files a report.
    Slurs such as [​IMG] and [​IMG], as well as any variations on them, are immediately bannable. Other highly offensive slurs may be considered equally bannable at the discretion of Staff, particularly when used in public chat or when used specifically against another player. We also prohibit slurs used in non-English cultures and languages. In general, we recommend players to engage with one another with mutual respect and conduct themselves with decency, and to keep any use of vulgarities in private channels.
    Do keep in mind that the in-game chat filter is active by default, and will filter a vast number of vulgarities. Reports filed for the use of words covered by the filter will not be considered valid. Only cases where the filter was intentionally circumvented will be considered.
    Use of monster sacks will be considered harassment if the individual is either targeting the same player multiple times or targeting multiple players to disrupt their gameplay.
    2. Kill-stealing - The ~mapowner command has been put into place for the reason of understanding which player in a kill-stealing altercation is in the right and which is in the wrong. The ~mapowner command functions in-game to determine which character possesses ownership of the map and all contained monsters. Upon attaining ownership of a map, the owner is granted three minutes of immunity, after which the first character on the map to attack will have ownership transferred to them. If the owner attacks prior to the three minutes expiring, the three minute immunity is refreshed to the time of the attack - therefore, the owner of the map must not attack on the map for a period of three minutes before the ownership becomes claimable. This allows the owner to leave their computer for smaller purposes without allowing ownership retention over long periods of inactivity. A player who is not the map owner may still attack on the map, however, if the owner of the map decides to ask the player to leave, they must comply at the risk of consequence by this rule, regardless of any past agreements.
    3. Map Looting - Please refer to the above appendix section on Kill-stealing for a detailed explanation of how the ~mapowner designation functions. This rule does not apply to group bossing and party questing expeditions, where players are expected to communicate with one another on the allocation of drops. Additionally, this rule does not encompass items dropped by a player. You are responsible for items you have dropped from your own character, whether the incident was accidental or not; map ownership does not apply to instances in which a player has lost an item to another player via looting in which that first player dropped the item. Finally, a player is allowed to loot drops on a map with the permission of the designated map owner; however, in the case that that permission is revoked by the map owner, they must comply at the risk of consequences under this rule, regardless of any past agreements.
    3. Associative Rule-breaking - This rule encompasses benefiting from any rule-breaker who may be in your party or otherwise causing you benefit. This includes actions such as robotic casting of Holy Symbol, party quest glitch abuse, or a character using hacks in your party. Leniency may be applied to players who could not have known the situation, as well as to players who report the situation to MapleRoyals Staff. If you are ever unsure of what is occurring, we strongly recommend that you leave the party and remove yourself from the presence of the rule-breaking individual.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the MapleRoyals Terms & Conditions. Please familiarize yourself with all terms to ensure that your time on MapleRoyals is uninterrupted by consequences for your actions.
    -- MapleRoyals Administration
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