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    MapleRoyals Forum Rules & Regulations 2.0
    Last Updated : July 17th, 2017

    The forum rules and regulations in this thread will outline the actions on the forums which will result in moderator intervention and potentially forum repercussions, as well as contain a brief description of those repercussions. These rules and regulations, as well as the repercussions associated with them, may be changed at any time with or without written notice and will take effect immediately upon issue.

    Forum Account User Agreement
    By registering a forum account, you have already agreed to;
    • create and operate under an acceptable screen name (forum ID);
    • create an acceptable forum signature if you so choose;
    • only have one forum account active at a time;
    • provide genuine, up to date personal information for the purposes of account security and personal verification;
    You furthermore understand that, if you do not follow the above restrictions on your forum account and conduct, your account may be subject to changes appropriate to the restriction you have not complied with. These changes may include a change, requested or forced, of your screen name, signature or personal details, the merging of your account with others that you have created, the restriction of your access to your account, or the deletion of your account. Finally, you understand that your forum account is a privilege, and as such, the MapleRoyals forum moderation team reserve the right to require any changes or alterations to your account that we see fit.

    Forum Infractions
    Any player accessing MapleRoyals forums from a registered account as outlined above is agreeing that the moderation team has full and ultimate authority to enforce, apply, construe, omit or otherwise interpret any of the following infractions based on evidence provided from any source. All forum infractions that do not result in an immediate, permanent forum ban will be associated with the user's account for a period of six months, after which that warning will expire and no longer count towards the user's points total. A banned forum user will be entitled to one forum appeal per ban that they receive, and agrees that the result of the appeal will be final and binding.

    Breach of Forum Etiquette (5 Points)
    A breach of forum etiquette is a minor offense that may or may not result in warning points being applied to an offending player at the discretion of the responding forum moderator.
    • Consistent doubleposting, spamming or thread flooding
    • Posting in the wrong section, posting improperly in a section, or posting the same content in multiple sections
    • Unnecessarily private messaging members of MapleRoyals Staff, or alternatively messaging multiple members of MapleRoyals Staff in situations that do not warrant it
    • Posting unhelpful, off-topic, detrimental or otherwise useless replies to a thread
    • Posting in a thread with the intent of replacing the thread's purpose with one's own (hijacking)
    • Posting rude, offensive, hurtful or otherwise negative comments in a thread
    • Bumping one's own thread more frequently than once per 24 hours
    • Inappropriate necroposting that may result in confusion or misinformation to the public
    • Unacceptably large, bright, strobing or otherwise obnoxious signature or avatar content
    • Failure to comply with specific subforum rules as outlined in their own locations
    Discourteous Behaviour (20 Points)
    An act of discourteous behaviour involves the posting of offensive or highly objectionable to other players, moderators or the server itself.
    • Excessively rude, offensive, hurtful or otherwise negative comments in a thread
    • Excessive spamming or flooding of a thread with unnecessary content
    • Excessive cursing or the use of highly inappropriate language in any language with the exception of if a particular word is the topic of discussion approved by a moderator
    • Circumventing the slur filter intended to block highly inappropriate language from being used with the exception of if a particular word is the topic of discussion approved by a moderator
    • Inciting or provoking other players with negative content in the nature of beginning a destructive argument (flame wars)
    Antisocial Behaviour (40 Points)
    An act of antisocial behaviour involves taking actions that make you a menace to your fellow players, moderators, or the server itself.
    • Deliberate and continued harassment, bullying or otherwise targeting of a player with unwanted comments
    • Sending offensive, threatening, excessively vulgar or otherwise extremely objectionable content to another forum user via private message
    • Sending directly offensive, threatening, excessively vulgar or otherwise targeted harassment or bullying in any setting
    • The act of transmission, promotion or provision of bigoted, racist, sexist, hateful or otherwise highly discriminatory content
    • Transmitting content which claims, implies or attempts to convey that the user has privilege from, is endorsed by, or is otherwise a part of MapleRoyals staff when they are not
    Highly Inappropriate Content (80 Points)
    Highly inappropriate content includes acts that are overwhelmingly unpleasant or otherwise extremely disruptive to the operation of the server.
    • Promoting, providing or otherwise transmitting pornographic, excessively violent or unpleasant content
    • Promoting, advertising, providing access to or otherwise transmitting hacking information, programs or malicious third-party software, without the express permission of a moderator
    • Describing, providing the means to, or otherwise providing access to methods in which a player might be convinced to abuse or break rules under the guise of avoiding consequences
    • The use of the MapleRoyals forums as a location to advertise any other real world product or service without the express permission of a moderator
    Serious Offences (120 Points)
    A serious offense involves a direct attack on the server or its players, and may include any explicit or implicit attempt, threat or intention to do so.
    • Hacking or attacking the server itself with the intent of gaining information or interfering with the ability of the server to properly operate
    • Hacking or attacking any user or moderator with the intent of interfering with their ability to properly make use of the server
    • Deliberate impersonation of another player, moderator or figure with the intent to cause trouble or otherwise deceive users
    • The use of the MapleRoyals forums to promote, advertise or attempt to persuade users to relocate to other MapleStory private servers
    • Threatening to or otherwise making claim to have committed any serious offense on the official MapleRoyals game server as outlined in the MapleRoyals Terms and Conditions
    • Sharing, revealing or otherwise providing access to confidential information of any nature, not limited to MapleRoyals server information
    • The use of MapleRoyals forums for the purposes of sending messages, either privately or publically, with the intent to induce individuals into revealing personal information (phishing)
    • Avoiding or circumventing forum restrictions placed on an account, including but not limited to accessing the forums while subject to an ongoing forum infraction ban
    • Being a robotic spam device, because nobody likes those
    Shoutbox Regulations
    The forum homepage shoutbox may be subject to any of the above rules and regulations, and as such, any offence committed in the shoutbox will result in the user's forum account receiving warning points equal to as though they had committed the offence anywhere else on the forums. Additionally, as the shoutbox is a privilege given to forum users and not a right, a player's ability to access the shoutbox may be revoked and reinstated at any time at the discretion of the moderation team.

    Warning Points
    When a forum user reaches or surpasses any of the following points thresholds by receiving a forum infraction, they will be subject to the corresponding consequence. That user will not be subject to any more consequences until they have reached or surpassed the next threshold. If a user's warning points have expired or been removed to place the user below a threshold, they will once again be subject to that threshold's consequence should they attain it once more. If the user has an infraction which expires during the course of a ban and lowers the user below the points threshold for which the ban was incurred, the user will continue to serve that consequence for its duration and will not be entitled to any early release. If a user passes multiple thresholds with a single offence, they will only be subject to the consequence of the highest threshold they have reached or passed.
    20 Warning Points -- 3 Day Temporary Ban
    40 Warning Points -- 7 Day Temporary Ban
    80 Warning Points -- 14 Day Temporary Ban
    120 Warning Points -- Permanent Ban

    Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the MapleRoyals Forums Rules and Regulations. Please familiarize yourself with all rules to ensure that your time using the MapleRoyals forums is uninterrupted by consequences for your actions.
    -- MapleRoyals Administration
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