It's been 10 years, so looking for buddies.

Discussion in 'Introductions and Farewells' started by bongblaze, Jan 27, 2020.

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    I used to play OMS/GMS way back yonder. I had a level 72 Perma Beginner and a 74 Chief Bandit, back in 2006-2008.
    I did play the revamped version for a few years 2015-2018 but I haven't seen the game like this in over ten years, so it's all new to me, but the nostalgia and the "Oh, I remember that!" is always present.

    I play a Beginner and a Bandit as my mains, I have a Cleric and a Page as my secondaries.

    I'm looking for buddies to train with, preferably some around my level that I can do Ludibrium PQ with, do quests with (I like doing those on my Beginner) or just someone to talk to!

    My igns are: bongbros (bandit) and bongblaze (beginner). those are my most two active characters.

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    add floraison ! or i can add you

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