I made a simple Online Omok (OMOCORNO)

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    My main reason for creating this was just to play with a friend and learn about online stuff.
    (Thats why you'll find some inside jokes and some portuguese words there)

    Keep in mind that you can't find people to play only by using this game, so you have to find a player 2 beforehand and connect using Radmin/Hamachi or something that works like that.




    I made a video that shows how to set this up:

    But basically both players connects through Radmin or Hamachi, and then 1 player will create the room and the other one will join.

    Extra Info:

    -This game was made using Game Maker Studio 2

    -My itch.io link will show a creepy embed image if you paste on discord

    This happens due to some people using itch.io to share trojans, so every new game on itchio will come with this image
    You can find more about that here

    New Updates?
    I will only update this if theres actually people interested, so feel free to request a new feature or leave a feedback.

    I cant connect
    -Check if u following tutorial properly
    -Try another port
    -Check if firewall is messing up with the connection and try running the game as admin
    This game only uses TCP/IP for connection, and afaik this is also used by Online Zsnes, so maybe zsnes troubleshooting can help you with that
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