How to capture evidence for reports

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    Hi everyone,

    It has come to our attention that not all reports in this section provide evidences that are correct and proper (i.e. edited, cropped, blurry, taken using phones, etc) and thus invalidating the report, resulting in no actions being taken.

    The purpose of this thread is to be a guide for the community on what program to use, and how to take screenshot/video correctly. Remember, the more evidence you provide (screenshots or videos), the better!

    1. Download and install ShareX at
    2. Once installation is done, open up the program and you will see the following window.


    3. Click "After capture tasks" and ensure "Upload image to host" text bold.


    4. Click "After upload tasks" and ensure "Open URL" is checked. This will open up the evidence you just took in a new tab in your browser. Optionally, you can select "Copy URL to clipboard" as well.


    5. Click "Destinations" and set where you want images and files to be uploaded to. By default it will be Imgur and DropBox respectively, but we recommend changing DropBox to Streamable as those do not require any additional configuration to be done.


    6. Click "Hotkey settings..." and set your hotkey, if you wish, for easier capturing. The following are my hotkeys.


    7. Done! Now, head back to MapleRoyals and test out the capturing program.

    For "Capture active window", it refers to the application that is current active. To do this, just click into your MapleRoyals client (as long as you can move around, MapleRoyals is marked as the active window).

    For "Start/stop screen recording, place your cursor to the top of the client, and it will record the full window as shown by the dotted lines surrounding the MapleRoyals client.

    Optional: If you don't wish to configure any hotkeys (although strongly recommended), you can right-click the ShareX icon on your taskbar to select the capture option, OR click on the icon ONCE to activate the screenshotting feature.

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