Hi, I'm yeepog, the new client editor.

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    Hi, I go by "yeehaw" or "bird" online, and I prefer to keep my real name private, but some may know it.
    My forum username is "yeepog" because Yeehaw was taken, possibly even by myself, and I might just have forgotten about it.

    I am not very good with writing an introduction, so I'll start by stating what has happened so far.

    I've been in the MapleStory private server scene for well over 10 years now. I wasn't there from the beginning, but I feel like I joined when things got interesting.
    Countless of servers has been passing through, and I've also hosted some of them by myself, or with others. After a while, I got tired of doing that, so I decided to join servers instead.
    Lots of servers made big promises and caught my attention, but none really sticked to me. And then around 2015, I joined MapleRoyals, by request of my brother.
    We played for a while, I got to level 136 with my main Corsair, scrolled a godly maple canon shooter (or at least at the time it was godly, don't know if it still is today), and then the long wait for HP washing began. I quit a few months after reaching that level, and never really enjoyed another server since.

    Recent History
    Around summer 2019 I joined MapleLegends and created HD client and various other features for them, and afterwards joined the staff team.
    While I was working for MapleLegends, I also started helping other servers left and right with various things.
    A few years later, the owner had some issues with my public actions, and I was effectively "shadow"-kicked from the team -- I wasn't told I got kicked, my status and permissions just got stripped without any notice.
    After many months of being "shadow"-kicked, I left MapleLegends for good, and not long after decided to finally apply to Royals.


    Which brings us to today. Some of you have already seen my posts in the "Not Possible" feedback section, where I proved that those things were possible, by making those features.
    I have joined the staff team as a client editor, and I am actively working on stuff* for Royals now.
    I am also actively working on other servers at the same time, but I give (what I feel is) enough time for each server.

    That's a super short summary :D.

    For good reasons, some of you have already posted concerns about adding me to the staff team; a person who seemingly is very random and appeared out of nowhere.
    I have already addressed this in a post, and Matt did too, but I feel like I should mention it here as well.
    If you didn't read the comment with the concerns, here's a TL;\DR: Random new guy (that's me! :-D) joins staff team with ability to edit client in major ways, might have been a previously banned player, gained staff's trust and might put something potentially malicious in the client without anyone being able to check. (I actually added the "malicious" part, the post did not mention this, but that's what I assumed it meant)
    I might've not been too active in the community, so nobody really knows or remembers me, but I have been active in other communities. Both Matt and I are members of a mutual discord, where he has heard of some of the stuff I've been doing for other servers, and I have been trying to get his attention. So at the very least, I am not so random to Matt.
    During my post application interview, I also assured Matt that I would give the source code to him, even if I wouldn't get accepted into staff - and not long after, I did. And now, after I make something work, I immediately send Matt the source code and give him instructions to compile it himself.
    Hopefully this clears that concern ;).

    MapleRoyals and My Intentions
    Since I played on the server in 2015, it was the first server I ever (to that date) enjoyed playing on, and therefore MapleRoyals will always have a soft spot in my heart.
    Applying to the server was very spontaneous of me; I have always desired to do it, but up until now I didn't because of fear of rejection. Honestly, even after posting my application, I was still nervous I would get rejected, even after doing all those "Not Possible" things and showcasing them, because I would love to work on MapleRoyals, and getting rejected would hurt. Also, at the time I applied, there was no listing for any developer position, so I was very
    Now, I'm happy to be working on MapleRoyals with everyone else on the staff team, and I am actively working on making it a better experience for all players! :)

    A little about me
    I'm an exotic birb, I live in Denmark, I like MapleStory and I like to code. I do some freelance stuff every now and then, and I have a job too. That's about all I feel comfortable sharing ~imboss.

    I don't know if this would even qualify as an "introduction", more like a story or an essay.


    i am birb
    nice to meet you


    Pls tell me this is still godly

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    It's very refreshing to have someone on the team that is extremely capable of helping improve the game client - I'm thrilled to see what we create! Glad to have you aboard! :)
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    Behind you
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    HIII, ur so cool! love seeing your edits and look forward to seeing what will come out of this!!

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