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Hey every1 just came from GMS now looking to get back into private servers

Discussion in 'Introductions and Farewells' started by CuongL, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. CuongL

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    Dec 10, 2019
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    I haven't played a private server in ages but im happy to come back here :D I also apologize in advance for my bad grammar.

    Ive been an on and off maplestory player from Maplestory Beta always come back to the game though in terms of private servers, regular servers taking years break off and on yadayadayada the same old.

    i hope u guys dont care, but i was a botter/hacker in GMS reboot it was such a pain to grind normal servers legitly so i hacked i always kept to myself though i never had a guild or anything but i had a lot of bots . Actually the reason i quit was because their anti-cheat system is pretty good nowadays :(. I played GMS again on august 2019 From there until now , i had gone through like 20+ accounts that are now perma-banned XD.

    Did i lose a bunch of accounts with high level and Range ? YES

    Did I lose a bunch of time invested in those accounts ? YES

    Did i lose a lot of NX and permanent NX Gear ? YES the stupid evil game, promised me permanent gear but apparently arent permanent if u violate TOS LOL.

    Was it all worth it ? YES i would do it all over again in a heartbeat If i could but nowadays you can't get away with it as easy.. so now there's no point in botting over there maybe in non-reboot servers but nobody wants to do that. I tried playing GMS Legit and it killed me i never want to go through that shit again

    So i felt kind of lost i didnt quite feel like quitting yet .. so i had a thought maybe i should try private servers and grinding legitly over there and i thought hell yeah im gonna do that especially since i actually tried grinding legitly in GMS oh boy.

    But dont expect me to cheat here , im done with cheating and also , imagine hacking in a private server PepeLaugh that's so funny to me like why even.

    So anyways im reformed i choose to not support that evil company anymore i rather start supporting this place and checking out the communities here . I also played literally by myself in normal servers so maybe i'll try to be a community member this time and actually support a non-evil group :D. God knows how much money i spent on NX to only get permabanned
    ah oh well i hope u guys dont think badly of me.

    Would like to know if anyone has had an experience similar to mine?

    Would like to thank anyone who has read this far i just hope no ones like "agh wtf who cares" but thanks to u guys too ^^

    My name is Cuong

    my IGN is CoolCatOwner

    I hope to see u guys in game and happy mapling all :D
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