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    1. Minimum of 3 party members
    2. All members must be Level 10+
    3. Complete the PQ within 10 mins

    1. Form a party with at least 3 members
    2. Speak to Tory to start the PQ
    3. Hit the flowers below and collect seeds
    4. Drop each seed on the correct platform
    5. Protect the Moon Bunny and collect the Moon Bunny's Rice Cakes
    6. Have the party leader turn in 10 cakes to Growlie
    Optional: Turn in 20 extra rice cakes to Tory at the exit to obtain
    an HPQ hat or speak to Tommy to enter the bonus stage


    Each flower on the map will drop a specific seed color. Your task involves collecting one of each color to complete the party quest. Above is a simplification of the HPQ map and the color of the seeds represents the color the flowers will drop.


    When your party has collected one of each seed color, you then have to drop the seeds on the correct platform to plant the seeds and summon the Moon Bunny. The location each seed must be dropped is displayed in the image above.

    Blue = Top-Left
    Green = Top-Right
    Yellow = Left
    Purple = Right
    Brown = Bottom-Left
    Pink = Bottom-Right


    Now that you've summoned the Moon Bunny, your task is to prevent the Moon Bunny from taking damage while it makes rice cakes. The longer you keep it from being hit, the faster it will drop rice cakes. Three different monsters will start to appear: Stirge, Flyeye, and Blin. All three of these monsters are able to fly and spawn from each corner of the map. Upon death, these monsters will continue to respawn until the end of the PQ. While the Stirges and Flyeyes are relatively easy to defeat, Blins have more HP and may be difficult for lower leveled players to eliminate. A simple, yet effective strategy for lower leveled players who are unable to kill these monsters within two shots is to lure the monsters away from the Moon Bunny while the party leader collects the rice cakes.

    When you've completed the PQ, you may speak to Tommy at the exit to enter a map filled with Pigs, Ribbon Pigs, and a few Iron Hogs. This map is a decent training spot if your party is able to kill the monsters at a relatively fast pace. After 5 mins, you will automatically be teleported out of the map. You also have the option to speak to the NPC at the top of the map to exit the map. However, if you have high leveled party members, it is recommended that you skip the bonus stage.
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    Very helpful guide ! I used to go in this PQ and had tons of fun back when Brazil Maple Story was still online, it's sad that i've never seen anyone playing it
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