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    Which position are you applying for?:
    [X]Game Master Intern
    [ ]Forum Moderator

    Personal Details:
    Name: (Nickname:?):
    Jessica (Jess)
    Are you over 18? (yes/no): Yes
    Character Names: Denysse, Esyned, Jessuz
    Do you have a Discord (yes/no): Yes
    What server time do you generally play in?: GMT+8
    When did you join?: March 2016
    What do you like most about MapleRoyals?: Players dedicate their time and effort to achieve good result in the game. In simple terms, NOT Pay2Win.
    What do you like least about MapleRoyals?: GM events aren't creative and lacking of excitement.
    Which languages do you speak and how well?: English, Chinese and Malay (Fluent)
    What is your main focus in life?: Bringing joy to everyone.
    How much time do you think you would commit to staff responsibilities if chosen?: Depends. I can commit up to 16hours if necessary.

    Have you ever played any of the official MapleStory(s)?:Yes.
    Which one?: MapleStorySEA
    How long?: 7 years, but there are breaks in between.
    Character name: AnnoyingGer.
    Have you ever been assigned a Staff position on any private server game(s)?:Yes.
    List the game(s): ZakuraMS
    How long have you worked there?: 1 year as a Level 3 GM, and 2 years as a player, and there are breaks in between as well.
    What do your duties entail?: Keeping players entertained, and hosting event (BEST)
    Do you still work there? If no, why not?: No, Owner of server decided to make the game Pay2Win, and eventually server had shutted down.

    What skills or unique qualities will you be bringing with you to the MapleRoyals team?:
    I will do what I did best, which is bringing more creative and exciting events to the players. In fact, I have already host my own events in MapleRoyals previously, and giving away Billion of mesos as prize. During the events, official MapleRoyals GM were there witnessing as well.

    Besides those listed above, what do you believe to be important qualities of a staff member?:

    As a previous GM in another server, I've encounter GM that went bias toward their favorite players. For instance,
    - Giving Item, Mesos, NX, ETC to their favorite players
    - Without an investigation of quarrel between players, they only listen to a one sided message from their favorite player, which result in oppressing their power on the opposite side.
    Personally I think that, even if these player were once your BLs, Guildmates, or whatsoever; Fairness of the Game MUST always be uphold strictly.

    Why do you want to work with us?:
    I notice that after being a player in MapleRoyals for sometimes, Bossing, Leveling, Mesos, EQs and NX doesn't interest me anymore. I realized that what I enjoy doing currently is listening to the heart of the players, and giving advice/motivation. It doesn't have to be related to the game, but seeing them pulling it through whatever they faced and decided to engage themselves back to the game, just makes me happy.

    Have you ever been banned in game or on the forums before?: No

    If you could change or add one rule to MapleRoyals what would that be?:
    Stop IP ban. As it is unfair for other player who use the same IP but didn't do anything wrong. Trust me, IP ban doesn't make the game any better, because all they need is VPN and their IP will be given anew. In fact, it resulted us in losing innocent players in the game.

    Do you have any real life commitments or responsibilities you feel are important to you and would like to tell us about? (Work, education, relationships, etc):
    Of course I do have important real life commitments and responsibilities to uphold, but I think I am managing it pretty well and there's no need for me to share :)

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