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    Which position are you applying for?
    [ X] Game Master Intern
    [] Forum Moderator

    Name: Victor
    Are you over 18?: Yes
    Character Names: Febo
    Do you have a Discord?: Yes
    Time Zone: UTC-04
    When did you join?: 2019
    What do you like most about MapleRoyals?:
    - the time the server already has, the perseverance and commitment of the entire team that makes it up
    the constancy to go solving the different problems that appear. I really appreciate this
    What do you like least about MapleRoyals?
    -the amount of hackers and botter that I see lately in the game

    Which languages do you speak and how well?: English "write english" (fluent); spanish (fluent)
    What is your main focus in life?:

    -improve my person day by day, after the different challenges that stand.

    How much time do you think you would commit to staff responsibilities if chosen?:

    -I constantly work on the computer, therefore I enter the game very frequently, although assuming responsibility for it, I would enter a schedule and a maximum of 8 hours a day

    Have you ever played any of the official MapleStory(s)?: Yes
    Which one?: GMS
    How long?:
    2005 2006 gms maplestory WINDIA all my characters on windia.

    Character Names: oOIronGunOo

    Have you ever been assigned a Staff position on any private server game(s)?: Yes
    OliviaMs v53 Gm 2012
    MapleHispano v53 Gm 2010
    i played alot of maplestory servers of v53 and earlier.

    What skills or unique qualities will you be bringing with you to the MapleRoyals team?:

    With me I just think we could learn a bit about discipline and about how important perseverance is to achieve great goals. I like things to be done correctly and that could apply it to a quite unique and necessary task to search and ban hackers

    Besides those listed above, what do you believe to be important qualities of a staff member?:
    punctuality, perseverance, consistency and faith, friend being in the war against illegal players it is best to have faith. that we will always be victorious.
    Why do you want to work with us?:
    Because I think I have skills, to search and find players who use illegal programs. More than abilities, I would say that I simply put myself to it, in every sense.
    without disturbing, without helping. just looking.
    I understand that the flow of players has increased a lot, so I humbly offer support.

    Have you ever been banned in game or on the forums before?: No

    If you could change or add one rule to MapleRoyals what would that be?: I propose that the execution in a public place of hackers is legal.
    ahaha okay no. putting the subject serious again
    I think I would like to see how the process is streamlined between seeing a hack and stopping it. sometimes hours or even days pass until they are finally detected
    set some rule or reward, that facilitates the help of the community on this same issue of the use of illegal programs.

    Do you have any real life commitments or responsibilities you feel are important to you and would like to tell us about?: graduated from the army professional troop school Nonetheless. I have always liked doing things correctly, as a great military man from our continent already said it "conscience is the best judge a good man has."
    General. Jose de San M.
    now i'm a sergeant first, from the army so i spend a lot of time in front of screens
    and whenever I can I dedicate myself to my favorite hobbies maplestory
    I am married, my wife also plays maple, not children. and well guys a pleasure. if I am chosen. little by little we know each other.

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