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    Hello Royallers,

    It has come to our attention that many players are not up to date with the game rules regarding glitch abuse.
    To clarify:

    As per the Terms and Conditions:
    Moderate Infractions:
    Punishment: First offense - 14 day ban, Second offense - Permanent ban.
    • Glitch Abuse - The act of exploiting any errors in game design or any features or bugs, documented or otherwise, that are not meant to be available to gain any sort of advantage over other players.
    • Associative Rule-breaking - The act of partying with any player who is breaking any rule listed in the T&C, or otherwise requesting that a player break any of the rules listed in the T&C for your own benefit.
    If you witness anyone abusing any bannable glitches, we kindly advise you to inform them before submitting a Report against them. We understand the unawareness of performing bannable glitches and ignorance of the Terms and Conditions is no excuse. However, we want to promote the practice of informing ignorant or otherwise unaware glitch abusers before resorting to seeking punishment for these individuals. We also encourage you to protect yourself if you witness such behavior. We do not want certain instances of glitch abuse to lead to other players being banned due to associative rule-breaking.

    Bannable Glitches
    Please note that this is not a conclusive list of bannable glitches. Abusing any glitch that gives you an advantage over other players, regardless of whether or not it was listed here, is subject to a ban.

    1. Meso Explosion Glitch
    What is it: The act of performing Meso Explosion, against a monster or boss, where the mesos do not explode (the exploding animation does not occur and the mesos do not disappear after skill is activated). Using Meso Explosion on the same set of mesos multiple times is considered glitch abuse.

    How to avoid it: Immediately pick up some of the mesos to stop the glitch.

    2. Multiple characters in an event map
    What is it: The act of bringing more than one of your own characters into an event map when the map is designed to only allow one of your characters inside at a time. Some event maps with this restriction include, but are not limited to, certain GM-hosted events and seasonal boss events (e.g. Russian Roulette, Cake Boss, Snowman, etc).

    How to avoid it: Only enter event maps with this restriction on one character at a time. You can check if a map has this restriction by trying to enter the map on two different characters on one device (two, or more clients).

    3. Participating in Monster Carnival PQ past the level cap.
    What is it: Entering a round of Monster Carnival while being at or above level 51 (CPQ1), or at or above level 71 (CPQ2).

    How to avoid it: Do not attempt to join additional rounds when you are over the level cap. A player may still participate in CPQ if the player leveled to 51, or 71 for CPQ2, in that particular round.

    4. Smuggling skills into event maps
    What is it: Entering an event map with active skills, such as Shadow Partner or summons (Hawk, Bahamut, etc), when the event map is designed to de-buffs all skills upon entrance and disables the use of skills while you are in the map. Note that passive skills, such as Energy Charge and Shadow Shifter, are not considered smuggled skills.

    How to avoid it: Cancel the skill or leave the map.

    5. Intentional flying mobs removal
    What is it: The act of intentionally using stun/shadow web + doom against monsters, where the monster reach out of bounds and disappear

    How to avoid it: Avoid casting both skills at the same time against the same monsters


    Harmless Glitches
    There has also been a lot of questions as to whether certain mechanics in the game are acceptable or considered glitch abuse. Here is a list of some mechanics that are currently acceptable and are not subject to punishment:

    1. Chair glitching
    What is it: Moving around with your chair showing up behind your character. This is acceptable behavior as long as you are not disrupting the game-play of those around you. If someone finds it disruptive and asks you to stop, you can cancel the glitch by sitting in your chair, waiting a few seconds, and getting back up again.

    2. Leaving PQ on a mule
    What is it: For party quests that can be completed without the number of players required to enter (e.g. Kerning Party Quest can be completed with 3 players while 4 players are needed to enter), bringing in mules and intentionally leaving at some point of the PQ is allowed as long as you don't negatively affect anyone else in the PQ in exchange for giving yourself a benefit.

    3. Coffin Dance (Ghost Walk)
    What is it: Moving multiple characters at the same time as a result of opening a new client or using the shortcut: alt + enter. As long as this is not used in a malicious manner towards other players, this is harmless and not bannable. Note that you cannot cast skills, jump, use items, or enter portals when performing this glitch.

    If you believe there is a glitch that should be on this list, leave a response in this feedback thread.
    Thank you for helping to keep Maple Royals fair and players safe from rule breaking.

    - The MapleRoyals Staff
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