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Glaux's GM Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Glaux, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Glaux

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    Sep 24, 2016
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    Great Ga'Hoole Tree
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    Which position are you applying for?:
    [X ]Game Master Intern
    [ ]Forum Moderator

    Personal Details:
    Name: Austin
    Age: 23
    Sex: M
    Character Name: Kraal
    Do you have a Discord (yes/no): Yes
    Time zone: Eastern Time ET
    Location: Michigan, USA
    When did you join?: 2016
    What do you like most about MapleRoyals?: I love the community and the personal satisfaction of leveling my characters keeps me motivated and playing.
    Which languages do you speak and how well?: English: Very well, learning Russian.
    What is your main focus in life?: I'm mainly trying to get started towards an Associate's Degree in Accounting or something similar. Haven't started at the school as of yet due to having moved to the area after the current semester had already started, so I'm waiting for the fall semester to start. Eventually I want to just have a stable income and not have to worry about debt or bills to just be able to enjoy life on my own terms.
    Do you have any prior work experience in real life? If so, where?: I've worked for around 5 years total, previously at a gas station dealing with lots of customers independently on a daily basis, and my previous job to that was at a local supermarket as a cashier and front end employee.
    How many hours a week do you work?: I currently don't have a job, but am searching for one.
    Are you in any form of education?: Not currently, but I will be later this year.
    Do you have a spouse or any kids?: No
    Do you have any other commitments?: No

    Have you ever played any of the official MapleStory(s)?: Yes
    Which one?: GMS
    How long?: From 2008-2018
    Character name: I have around 25-30 characters but my main one was WisdomofDawn, my 210 Mihile.

    Have you ever been assigned a Staff position on any private server game(s)?: No
    List the game(s): N/A
    How long have you worked there?: N/A
    What do your duties entail? N/A
    Do you still work there? If no, why not? N/A

    Are you more comfortable working alone or on a team?:
    I can work independently very comfortably but I prefer to have other people with me, or at the very least I'm able to contact, that can help answer any questions I will have if I run into any problems. It's nice to know that I can have people I can rely on for support.

    What skills or unique qualities will you be bringing with you to the Royals team?:
    I'm very polite when speaking to others and I try to be as helpful as possible when trying to help others with any problems or questions that they have or try to defuse tension or stressful situations. I would also be very diligent with tracking down hackers or other trouble makers and dealing with the situation.

    Besides those listed above, what do you believe to be important qualities of a Game Master?:
    Someone that carries an air of authority, while also being approachable enough for anyone to feel comfortable engaging with them. I would want people to know that I'm there to help to the best of my ability and if I'm unable to help them myself I can try my best to point them in the right direction to someone who is able to help them further. A GM has to show they are capable through their actions towards rule breakers as well, but they must be humble and efficient with their responsibilities of keeping the community fair and just, and not treat the role of GM as a joke or take advantage of their privileges they are given.

    Why do you want to work with us?:
    I have been playing this server for a couple years now, and there is always times when there just aren't enough GMs available to help with every problem, it's just unrealistic to expect so much from the few that are able to frequently be online. I try to help out others with their issues when they ask for help, but there are certain situations where I felt like I could've done a lot more to help if I had the ability to do so. I love this server, and I would love to be able to do more to make it better for everyone who plays honestly and fairly.
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