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    Dear Royallers,

    It has come to our attention that since the recent patch, quite a few issues have arisen in regards to connection stability and client crashing. Most of these issues are related to the wz files and only affect certain operating systems, virtual machines and even individual characters. We have been investigating and experimenting with the wz files since the patch to try and pinpoint exactly where the issue lies, however it seems to be a much more complex issue than we had initially expected. Below we describe some of the main issues we are aware of, and what we are doing to fix them.

    Occasional lag and disconnections affecting the whole server
    This is caused by the anti-DDoS service provider Voxility that is currently being used by our host. We have been in contact with our hosts technical support and management team about this for a while now and are hoping to have a solution to this issue soon.

    VMWare virtual machine crashing issues on Windows Vista/7 and white screen on XP
    This is an unintentional side effect of the recent patch causing the default graphics controller settings for VMWare to no longer work with the game. We are continuing to look into why the wz update has caused this and hopefully fix this in a following patch. However a client-sided fix has now been found for this issue and can be applied by following the instructions here:

    Lagging instantly upon logging in and disconnecting soon after
    This issue occurs depending on certain router/network card configurations and can seem to affect individual characters, depending on the map that they are on, the amount of monsters on the map etc. We are currently unsure as to how the recent patch has made this issue so much more prevalent, and are unsure on a server-sided fix at this time, however a client-sided fix has been found for this issue and can be applied by following the instructions here:

    If you are experiencing any other issues not mentioned above, such as disconnecting when attempting to enter the Free Market or populated areas, it is most likely that you have not updated your files since the latest patch. Please ensure that you have downloaded the full setup from the downloads page at If you prefer to update your files manually then the individual update files are available from

    Hopefully this can help some players resolve their issues. If anyone is experiencing further issues not explained here free to open up a thread in the technical help section on our forum where we will try our best to give assistance.

    The MapleRoyals Staff
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