Closing The Book - Remembering the Journey.

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    It is time to say farewell, Officially (via this post).

    IGN: Sacriel - Lvl 14x Bishop "Nostalgia Hunter"

    Early 2019 to Mid 2020 was when I played. You may be asking why I'm making this thread so far removed from my departure. I asked myself the same thing. Let me try and explain..

    I'm sure all of us have decided on quitting Maplestory only to return later and in that sense I returned to the royals website to check in on updates, events and most importantly the forums. I was always the quiet type, reading posts but never replying or ever making my own. But when I stumbled upon this section in this recent escapade, I felt almost obligated to post my own. The respect I have for others who so graciously shared their stories, memories, and achievements along with the recognition to friends they met along the way inspired me deeply. This is an archive to memorialize ones own journey however they see fit, short or long. In my case it will be long, but hopefully not too mundane! I'm using this post to compile my entire journey before it fades away in my memory as I will not be returning.

    I will be forthright and say I hold no lofty achievements in any categories, nor was I first in anything, nor was I notable in any sense at least in my opinion on a grand scale. I had zero previous private server experience and I had only the memories of my kid self in 2007 playing the game. The farthest I ever got there was a second job warrior. But Anyways...

    Fueled with nostalgia to the point it was pouring out of my eyes I began my journey on MapleRoyals. I first faced the fearsome character creation screen where I was surprised to not have to roll a dice for stats. I remembered the old tutorial instantly upon entering the map and I began to realize this could truly be an authentic rendition of what I had experienced once before. I had so much more to see.

    I chose to be a magician because I figured teleport would be a convenient skill to have for mobility, and this was an excellent choice given I was unfunded and had zero clue about HP washing at this point. I had no idea that magic guard would be one of the most pivotal skills in my arsenal & would be the only reason I could even survive some bosses. My early levels consisted of questing and once I hit 21 I headed straight to KPQ, which I was happily surprised to see had many people looking for a party on a regular basis. This was my first interaction with other Royallers and I had a postive but minimal interaction with them on our shared interest to PQ. I was unable to even scratch the Ligators or the King Slime , relying on my teammates to carry me until I could contribute on my own. I did try to get a pair of Squishy Shoes if possible! Sadly I failed in that endeavor. This marked my first major nostalgic point.

    I eventually hit level 30 and took the second job advancement, 30 Dark Beads collected and a second job advanced to. I chose cleric because the class seemed interesting and unique and I felt very under geared to become a DPS class. At this point I had looked at a few guides to steer me in the correct direction for my class and I chose to use Joon's Bishop guide. I know very surprising and original.. But I must say it was organized and aesthetically it was especially pleasing, and as a new player it was easy to understand. Huge respect for your hard work on this guide @Jooon .

    Now I was onto CPQ, and just like the previous party quest I was utterly useless, I couldn't hit anything and I died frequently. I had to rely on my teammates to carry me and I was thankful they even put me in the party. I got stunlocked by Rombots enough to realize I was best taking a seat on the platform for the indefinite future. We traded wins and 9/10 of the time things went smoothly, once in a while we had some MA/Att cancels thrown both ways to win a game, my first real taste of any toxicity per-say, but very minor albeit. I first began to just barely perceive HP washing as I saw people carrying wands as non - magician classes and thought.. Why are they doing that? Regardless, I could finally heal and be useful (somewhat) by the time I hit level 50 and graduated out of CPQ. No more carnival games for me! This marked my second major nostalgic point.

    Like I said, I was moving onto to bigger and better things.. or so I thought. I arrived in Orbis to attempt to do Papa Pixie with others only to be shocked there was not a soul there. My best option, as I had been told while in the FM was CPQ2. Like Really, the same thing again for.. 20 LEVELS?? I had my nostalgia glasses on hard but I really wasn't that excited for a re-hash of previous content. Instead I decided to do more questing and LPQ instead, which I had prior experience in. Collecting tickets, Memorizing numbers on platforms (Oh wait, its always the same), finding shadows, and finally taking down Alishar , I had unoptimally gained a few levels. I also had discovered those yellow block golems beneath that platform are literally stronger than Zakum unless you are a thief or extremely high level chugging potions. I got stuck down there more than once, by accident I swear, please I'm not THAT stupid. I never did get my broken/cracked glasses but never less I enjoyed the experience and especially the bonus stage with exploding presents. I made a few acquittance's that lasted on my friends list for a short time but no one notable in my journey, only a passerby. This marked my third and last major nostalgic point from my childhood.

    Eventually I did give in and do CPQ2, where I stood on a platform and spammed heal as my teammates destroyed Ghost Vikings for minutes on end. I thought to myself, this class surely gets better later, because I'm not doing much right now! I still however was enjoying my time and pleased there was usually a party willing to take me up, I was actually a hot commodity on some days. I was now voting daily and saving it up... to use it on cosmetics. I would soon realize I could pay for cosmetics and save my NX for gachapon runs! I was now plunging into all new content from this point on.

    Third job advancement came and went, I beat the crap out of an old man who taught me how to use magic and I was rewarded to an advancement to Priest! I must say the old man was rather tanky and he kept locking my skills, and I hadn't brought any potions to counter it. The map was also scary and the music eerie.

    I continued to quest and adventure around until I decided it was time to hop back onto the optimal path, which led me to PPQ and my first notable encounter, IGN Chiyorin.
    I was looking forward to joining a guild eventually and earlier in both CPQ's I had seen other members of Steamy but had never spoken to them. She was very friendly and was willing to help me understand the party quest. She was also on his first character as well. After doing a few runs I talked to her about my interest in applying and she insisted I must go through a quote "special interview" with the leader to join. I took that deal immediately and a few days later when he was online I met IGN LaughingWolf the guild leader himself! I sat down on my green relaxer, answered a few general questions about myself and motives and after some (scripted) deliberation I was accepted. I had a new family! The members I interacted the most with with where IGN Llew, IGN SateSate (Tiger Cosplayer), IGN XiaoMage, IGN Chiyorin and IGN PMIsSick. Apologies for not having everyone's photo! It should be noted this clan is no longer active, and the leader wasn't around much due to personal obligations IRL.
    upload_2021-6-9_1-1-51.png upload_2021-6-9_1-2-14.jpeg upload_2021-6-9_1-2-27.jpeg

    I continued spamming PPQ and now with newfound friends I began to learn about HP Washing , the power of gachapon, and my most useful third job ability... Holy Symbol or HS. I also learned I had picked a good class for a first account and in the 4th job I would finally get my revenge for how utterly useless I was at killing mobs. With my exp slowing down per run I finally encountered leeching and I was given free leeches by some members in the guild a few times, other times I payed for leech myself. I continued questing when I was bored and saved up nx to buy AP resets to then sell for meso to leech towards my goal of 120. In the meantime Llew, Chiyorin, and SateSate helped me with the pre-reqs for Palpaltus and Zakum and I overcame that god damn jumping map after many arduous attempts to be able to do it. I will admit these took a while to complete but it felt rewarding once they were done. Thank you all for helping me with this, it was very memorable for me!

    I shortly there-after got my hands on a Zakum helmet (which was +17 INT), but I dced as a buyer mid run twice before my first successful attempt. It was then I learned how to buffer and switch my resolution/specs to avoid this crash (hopefully). I also learned of the importance of mastery books from Genesis 20 dropping on my first run as a buyer I didn't dc on (also pet loot off). Also that I had a door that was very convenient for a party trying to do Zakum.

    Leeching and more leeching I started to near level 120 and the goal I thought was intangible as a kid, getting 4th job was getting into reach. But before that I learned of a certain apple that would make me a very rich man, only I would have to marry someone else to even get access. Trying to extend a favor back to the community (at least I thought in my head) and also get myself up and running as fast as I could, I smega'ed that I was looking for a partner, no specifications, the first one to Amoria Chapel on CC7 could be my bride. That's where I had the pleasure to meet IGN MyBigAssWand (LOL)
    and we were wed once meeting our parents and getting approval and collecting a few items. Oddly are parents are somehow the same people, in the same location... ummmm.. okay? Not going to judge that situation. Anyways, I was off farming apples, learning the PQ and getting my mindblown by the counting slimes/ pillar map with #'s and letters, which I eventually understood.

    The fateful day came at Petris while I was getting leeched, I hit level 120! Sadly I did not save this moment or the buyer who helped me achieve this but thank you nonetheless. I was then off to the 4th job advancement and I immediately got smacked down by the black crystal questions, I thought I would try it blind before I looked at a guide. I eventually did wrap up the quest chain and I went over to Leafre to ascend to a Bishop! When my guild saw the notification people went wild, it was a very fulfilling moment for me personally accentuated by my friends celebrating with me along the way, who had helped me to that point.

    As happy as I was now being a Bishop, I quickly realized to use many of my important abilities, I would need to go about unlocking them. I got Bahamut, Genesis, Infinity, and Resurrection out of the way over time and it was grindy but worth it once again. I was very enthralled by the little glimpse I got of the Horntail Dungeon but also in awe of the atmosphere of the place. I had my eyes set on eventually doing a PQ there eventually when I was stronger! I started to get into a late game rhythm of doing daily Papaltus, Zakum, and APQ runs. I realized Holy Symbol was key to me getting into parties and began to use Genesis on Skelegons with a duo Bishop who was higher level to gain exp. I learned about and eventually semi-perfected Teleporting and casting Genesis, but it was a struggle at first.

    Sadly at this time Steamy was dying and the leader had not been around in forever, people were moving onto other guilds or entire other games, no active members at all. I found myself having to leave with happy memories in search of a new home. I will always cherish the time I spent in Steamy!

    I eventually met and talked with another guild leader, IGN MsBunny/PostSecrets who led Cloudy/Sunny and she was very welcoming to me as was the group as a whole. She was the complete opposite of the last leader, active all the time! The guild was a pleasure to be in filled with knowledgeable and friendly people and they hosted multiple events with prizes! I would recommend them to anyone. They also took me on my first Horntail Raid where I dc'ed but they did kill the boss.

    I started an alt, an archer and was hoping to HP wash it so it could do all the bossing, I borrowed gear from one of my friends to help me. It was also at this time I broke up with my "wife" I had married via Smega on a whim to tie the knot with my girlfriend who also had been playing the game herself for over a year. I invited guildies and other friends and it was very exciting and a very fulfilling moment all at once, even though it was a videogame it felt very genuine. We also married our alts as well (pictured). I think I was so nervous about commitment (joke) the first time I didn't take any pictures of the initial marriage nor did she but I got the second.

    It was then I discovered CWPK PQ by seeing smegas one to many times, and I embarked on the pre-quests which were very punishing and hard but it made my blood-boil, especially climbing up to the castle through many obstacles, that pillar one shot me quite a few times. I absolutely love the aesthetic and music of the area, the theme is 10/10 and iconic to me. The statues of each class are very nostalgic and the whole lead up to the castle was so well designed. The PQ was very complex yet exciting and when I first saw the bosses materialize in front of their chairs I was very hyped! Of course I shortly realized I would stand at the back and cast HS, but I enjoyed the puzzles alot! The bonus room was a blast as well, I never got any godly items sadly, but it was exciting to think their was potential each time I went in.


    I started spending my nx on gachapon , hit a few chaos scroll 60% and hoarded alot of 30% scrolls, then I embarked on creating a high int bathrobe or a single earring, I got as far as +4 on one, but I boomed it on the 5th and final slot. Sadly I never sold anything because I blew it up before I deemed it worthy of selling. I was able to make average int gear for any alt I wanted to wash in the meantime. I had fun scrolling ,even if it exploded in my face most of the time, chasing a perfect equip was fun.

    I continued to grind daily PQ's and i started to host runs as well, I witnessed several drops of Gen 20, and eventually saving up my mesos I bought Gen 20 for myself. I was very nervous about if it would pass or not and...


    IT THANKFULLY DID! I was spared the potential mental breakdown if I failed it and thank you to IGN kangol for selling it to me and witnessing/ SS'ing me pass it.

    From here I mostly did dailies on repeat, some GM events and such. My only notable encounter with staff was when I was talking about league of legends and @Johnny appeared behind me for a second after whispering me. Yasuo 0/10 powerspike BTW. I never really reached out to staff but I realize now they are willing to talk with you and are friendly, wish I could have gotten to know you guys more. Thank you for keeping this game alive in this form and all of your dedication to it.


    I got a promotion at my job, and I started to have way less time to play, and ultimately I had to make the tough decision to leave the game. My friends were very understanding of my choice as well as my guildmaster. I was also getting burnt out by some of the repetitive content and didn't have the time for the grind anymore. Priorities took shape, and this one fell through.

    But I truly felt like I had enjoyed a lot of what the game had to offer and what I was seeking. I had fed my craving of nostalgia 10x over. I realized how much my friends pushed me towards my goals and kept me playing and that really helped overcome the grindier parts of the game. The community was nothing but friendly to me, although I did once in a while hear of some drama via smega or other person. I'm happy to say I was a member of this community at one point and an active player and will never forget my time spent here. If you have made it this far credit to you, this has been long.

    When quitting was a for sure thing, I smega'ed to meet where it had all begun on one fateful night. Grendel the Really Old's Room in Ellinia. If i was going to quit, I wanted to give my stuff away, my friends had already taken some of it but I decided whoever came would get the rest. Giving back to the community was how I saw it, instead of hoarding it for myself. It was also a way of preventing myself from returning.

    I would say 50+ people showed up and I did Trivia, first answered got the item. It was a little chaotic but it worked out just fine. I understand some people there were late game geared and my goal wasn't to pass my wealth to the more wealthy but the new players or less endowed, but I tried to not think about my choice cynically.
    Then we went to the top of Ellinia and had a race jumping from top to bottom back up for more prizes and other related shenanigans. And eventually I settled down at El Nath for my final farewell, where I gave away my chairs I had collected through the yearly event (That were tradeable). I then had them sit on them as we took my final farewell SS. Thank you to all who came. Thanks Calvin for taking the SS.


    If I didn't mention you by name I apologize, but if I did cross your path please feel free to mention it! Also feel free to reach out to me, I welcome any member of maple royals.

    My parting thoughts are..

    The Maple Christmas event is the single best event hands down and Happyville OST is #1

    This game perfectly encompasses an ideal journey, you conquer it alone at times , and with peers at others. You form bonds and make memories, defeat bosses and attain glory. You have a little fun on the way and learn a few new things, get exposed to even more. I met people from all around the world and each person was unique in their own way, but also showed me the same kindness regardless of where I came from or who I was. BISHOP IS THE BEST CLASS, we have a pet Bahamut and Genesis :) !!!

    This was my Maplestory and I'm closing the book, with a full heart and a smile on my face.

    My Nostlagia Hunt is over.

    And Remember... Its about the Journey Not The Destination.


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    Take care
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    Do not feel as if you "cant" come back even if you gave everything away. I've played Maplestory far to long to know that most people one way or another find themselves wanting to come back. Best of luck to you in life friend!
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    Bye bye Will, I hope we will stay in touch - I enjoy the memories we share together.. including the boat party that I arranged (?) and somehow managed to kick myself out!

    Best of luck!
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    Omg will. I just saw this. Miss you so! If you ever come back, please let me know :D
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