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    Hello Royallers,

    It's come to our attention that many people aren't up to date with the game rules in terms of using (third party) hard- and software benefits.
    To clarify:

    You're allowed to rebind keys in a 1:1 action matter with third party software as there is no direct benefit in doing that over using the default keys. We also allow the use of controllers and remapping software for example, as long as the player can reply while playing to not be mistaken for a bot.
    Only when one action registers multiple outputs will there be a violation of the T&C; for example, one scroll (finger movement) of the mouse wheel registering multiple clicks is not ok. This would grant players an unfair advantage since it is no longer a 1:1 action and not every player has access to this hard- and software benefit.
    Many players seem to have mistaken that the use of Windows mouse keys and all of its functions is allowed. While for the majority this is true as remapping mouse clicks to a 1:1 action is acceptable, features such as the famed double-click '+' num pad key is not a 1:1 action but a 1:2 action (a single press of this key performs a double click in game) and is not allowed.

    Example of in-game use cases:
    • Rebinding multiple actions like Genesis/Blizzard/Meteor + teleport (+ arrowkey) to one key is not allowed
    • Using a double-click function that requires one key press like '+' in Windows mouse keys (for meso dropping for example) is not allowed

    Performing multiple game actions while having them bound to one key outside of the in-game skill macro system is considered using a macro and violates:

    1. Game Hacking - The act of using or benefiting from any third-party program, macro program or otherwise defacing or modifying any part of the game software to gain any sort of advantage over other players, or otherwise selling, advertising, distributing or posting information related to the act.Punishment: Permanent ban.

    We understand many people were misinformed by various forum threads and guides from players about what's ok to use and what's not therefore we decided to unban the people that we've banned for this particular oversight.

    To that we would also like to add that people caught using macroing techniques that rebind multiple keys to one (outside of the in-game macro skill) but are actively playing (thus not botting) will get a 14-day ban for their first offense instead of a permanent one from here on out as we update our T&C to reflect that.

    Any comments regarding this statement can be posted in the feedback subforum.

    Happy Mapling!
    - The Royals Staff
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