Capturing Evidence for Reports

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    Gathering Evidence for Reporting

    How to capture screenshots and videos
    There are many different tools for capturing screenshots and videos. Listed below are a just few good options and instructions on how to use the tools to gather your evidence.

    Don't want to download an additional program and don't mind having recordings on your computer?
    If you have Windows 10, you can use Xbox Game Bar.
    • For recordings, search Xbox Game Bar in the task bar near Cortana. You can also press [Windows]+Alt+G if you have your game client open.
    • Record your game client using [Windows]+Alt+R.
    • Navigate to the folder where you recordings are kept.
    • Upload videos to streamable.
    • For screenshots, use Snip & Sketch [Windows]+Shift+S key on keyboard to take a photo screen.
    • Upload images to imgur.
    For quick and efficient recordings, download Gyazo here.
    • Use Gyazo Gaming to record your full client or Gyazo Screenshots to take pictures of your MapleRoyals client.
    • Include your full client. Cropped or edited screenshots/recordings will not be accepted as evidence.
    • Navigate to to get the links for your screenshots/recordings and paste them into your report.

    Gyazo does not store the recordings/screenshots on your computer so you don't have to worry about space.
    Another downloadable alternative is ShareX.
    Download and install ShareX at
    Once installation is done, open up the program and you will see the following window.

    Click "After capture tasks" and ensure "Upload image to host" text bold.

    Click "After upload tasks" and ensure "Open URL" is checked. This will open up the evidence you just took in a new tab in your browser. Optionally, you can select "Copy URL to clipboard" as well.

    Click "Destinations" and set where you want images and files to be uploaded to. By default it will be Imgur and DropBox respectively, but we recommend changing DropBox to Streamable as those do not require any additional configuration to be done.

    Click "Hotkey settings..." and set your hotkey, if you wish, for easier capturing. The following are my hotkeys.

    Done! Now, head back to MapleRoyals and test out the capturing program.

    NOTE: For "Capture active window", it refers to the application that is current active. To do this, just click into your MapleRoyals client (as long as you can move around, MapleRoyals is marked as the active window).
    For "Start/stop screen recording, place your cursor to the top of the client, and it will record the full window as shown by the dotted lines surrounding the MapleRoyals client.

    Optional: If you don't wish to configure any hotkeys (although strongly recommended), you can right-click the ShareX icon on your taskbar to select the capture option, OR click on the icon ONCE to activate the screenshotting feature. This ShareX guide was written by Kai a couple years ago, so might be a little outdated!
    Download and install OBS at
    Once your installation is done, open the program.

    Next you need to add a source, this can be done by clicking on the " + " Symbol under the sources box.

    In this menu, there are 2 options you can go with. Display Capture, and Window Capture.
    • Display Capture will capture the entire screen that you select, not only a specific window. This can be used if an error closes your client.
    • Window Capture will only capture the specific window you have selected for it to capture.
    Once you've selected the Display Capture it will ask for you to create a new one, name it whatever you want it to be called and click "OK"

    In this menu, select your main monitor. "Display 1" this will most likely be where the game will open, and where any error windows will come up. Click "OK"

    It should look something like this if done correctly.
    Once you've selected Window Capture, it will ask for you to create a new one, name it whatever you want it to be called and click "OK"

    In this menu, select your client you wish to record in the window drop down menu and click "OK"

    It should look something like this, Next we want to resize to make sure we only use the necessary space.

    Next, you want to Right click in the red highlighted box, Click on "Resize Output (Source Size)" Another window will open, click "Yes".

    It should look some thing like:

    The next steps are the same, regardless which capture option you decided to use.

    Next you want to open up OBS settings, but dropping the File menu and finding settings or clicking setting near the bottom right of the OBS window.

    This is the Setting window, on the left there are different tabs. We are interested in the "Output" Tab. Click on that.

    This is the Output tab, here it will most likely have everything set up for you already. If not, you can copy the same settings I have (different recording path of course) and it should work correctly.

    You will only need to change setting in the "Recording" section of the options, the "Streaming" section does not matter in this case.
    Click "Apply" and "OK"

    Now you should be ready to being recording.
    At the bottom right, you can click on "Start Recording". This will record everything that you have in the OBS Preview screen. Once you click it, it will look like this:
    To stop, or pause recording click "Stop recording" or "||".

    Once you are satisfied with your recording, and you have captured what you need. Search for the file in the destination you selected in the setting and double check that the quality and content is good.

    Lastly, upload it to Streamable or Youtube and share the link.​
    Guidelines for Reporting:


    • A character name report is sufficient, however we will still need to find the character online to issue the ban, and will not issue a ban without screenshot or video evidence. Multiple character names per report are accepted.
    • Add screenshots/video evidence if possible.
      • The evidence must fully show the character name of the hacker.
      • The evidence must prove beyond reasonable doubt that hacks are being used.
    Objectionable Behavior:
    • All reports for harassment must include ~servertime in the screenshot at the time in which the reported action took place. All reports must be submitted within 7 days of the timestamp.
    • Reports for harassment directed at a specific player must be filed by the victim of said harassment, and the evidence provided must have been captured by the victim as well.
    • Reports for hate speech or use of prohibited terminology (list found in the Appendix for Minor Infraction - 1. Objectionable Behavior) can be filed by anyone as long as the event took place in public chats.
    • Include the full chat history. Maximize your chat log to show the full conversation.
    • Describe the full backstory of the event: what initiated the behaviour, what the player did, what you did in retaliation.
    • Staff reserve the right to interpret and enforce the Objectionable Behaviour rule as we deem appropriate for each specific situation.
    • Record the entire interaction to protect yourself and properly report the scammer in question.
    • Include evidence of agreement (agreed price of item/service, items included in trade, ~servertime, party window, your exp bar (if buying leech) etc.) In the case of expeditions or boss runs, please ensure that the agreement on who is entitled to what is settled prior to entering the expedition, and that this is clearly visible in the evidence.
    • Include evidence that agreement wasn't met (include ~servertime command to show time duration, screenshots of person offline or gone, your exp bar, party window)
    • Include evidence that the other part doesn't intend on rectifying the issue (chat screenshots, etc).
    • Please understand that Staff does not refund/return/pay back any transactions.
    Kill-Stealing/Map Looting:
    • Include ~mapowner in the screenshot.
    • Explicitly ask the person to leave if they are kill-stealing or map-looting on your map, and include evidence of their noncompliance as well as your attempts of asking them to stop.
      • You may use ~servertime timestamps within your evidence to help document continued noncompliance and that time has passed from your attempts to ask them to stop.
    RWT/Suspicious Activity/Account Sharing:
    • Provide as much concrete evidence (chats, equip lists, personal info window) regarding the player you are accusing.
    Please note:
    • Recordings are better than screenshots.
    • Any evidence with edited/cropped screenshots will invalidate the report.
    • Do not use pictures taken with a phone or camera.
    • Following these guidelines may not always guarantee a successful report. However, good evidence will always help your case.
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