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    Which position are you applying for?:
    [✓ ]Game Master Intern
    [ ]Forum Moderator

    Personal Details:
    Name: (Nickname:?) John
    Are you over 18? (yes/no): Yes
    Character Names: bom1, bom3, bom5, bom6
    Do you have a Discord (yes/no): Yes
    What server time do you generally play in? 3 hours before reset
    When did you join?: 2020 Spring
    What do you like most about MapleRoyals?: Scrolling
    What do you like least about MapleRoyals? Snitches
    Which languages do you speak and how well?: English and Korean both fluent af
    What is your main focus in life?: Win a lottery
    How much time do you think you would commit to staff responsibilities if chosen? 4 hours daily

    Have you ever played any of the official MapleStory(s)?: Yes
    Which one?: KMS
    How long?: like 3 months
    Character name: N/A made it in like 2004

    Have you ever been assigned a Staff position on any private server game(s)?: Nah
    List the game(s): N/A
    How long have you worked there?: N/A
    What do your duties entail? N/A
    Do you still work there? If no, why not? N/A

    What skills or unique qualities will you be bringing with you to the MapleRoyals team?
    - I'm funny

    Besides those listed above, what do you believe to be important qualities of a staff member?
    - Being transparent

    Why do you want to work with us?
    - Because I want to

    Have you ever been banned in game or on the forums before?
    - Oh yes multiple times

    If you could change or add one rule to MapleRoyals what would that be?
    - New ToC is good

    Do you have any real life commitments or responsibilities you feel are important to you and would like to tell us about? (Work, education, relationships, etc)
    - Only life commitment I have is to win the lottery
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