Best progression for my assassin

Discussion in 'Help & Advice' started by andik54, Oct 2, 2020.

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    So I just came back to playing the game, I have lv 50 Ass.
    I don't have any good items for now, hoping to gacha good goodies to sell.
    I wonder what should I upgrade for now.
    I have some sets of ilbis so the stars are done, should I buy Work gloves + attack?
    Also, I see that alot of ppl are buying AP resets, so why should I spend 30k nx on gachapon and gamble on the profit, If I can sell each AP reset for 15m, and profit 150m in 2 days?
    Sorry for the noob question, didn't play since the big bang.
    Thanks alot!
    (Currenlty have 80m)
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